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Edmonton Oilers

To much of my disapproval, the Oilers did not get Hossa , nor has Heatley consented to becoming an Oiler. Which really surprises me, because I really thought that one of those two players would have become an Oiler. The Oilers did pick a solid goalie, though, in Khabby. It was really refreshing to hear a player wanting to go there. The Oilers really needed a goalie, and good on them on addressing that need; they get a Flames killer, which was a very strategic move by Oilers management. I am really liking the way the Oilers are shaping up, and mark my words Oilers fan, they’re not done. You will get your top 6 forward.

Tallon Unfairly Dumped

In Chicago, they went with a new General Manager, which begs the question: Why? Well, it makes me ask the question why, anyway. I really think that Dale got the shaft here. He laid a great foundation for the Hawks. Tallon’s hard work will benefit the Hawks for many years. Toews and Kane will be superstars this year, and Keith and Seabrook anchor a solid defense. The only question is the ongoing shrinking cap situation. Sooner or later, the Hawks will have to have a cap casualty. I look for Patrick Sharp to be shopped.

Flames cash strapped?

In Calgary, the Flames look like they’re right near the Cap as they claim Nigel Dawes, which makes me wonder if Dustin Boyd’s days are numbered. They do not have much cap room left. Also look for the Flames to do a deal I think Preems will be gone too. The Flames have really been tinkering with the line up. Every time I think Sutter is done, he ends up doing another small move. I suspect Boyd and Preems will both be gone from Calgary soon.

[bPanthers sign Tangs?Plus Jbo trade works well for both teams b]

There are rumors that the Panthers are busy picking up Tangs. He will fit in nicely with Booth and Horton. I really like what is happening in Florida as the pieces come together. Maybe, just maybe, they really don’t need a new GM. It sounds like the temp guy is doing just fine. The Panthers did a good job re-signing Leopold. I hope he finds a home there in Florida. The Panthers really did well on the Jbo trade too. I really like it when both teams in a trade make out alright. That is really how it is suppose to work out on a trade.

Hey Burke why so Quiet? To many Defense not enough forwards

The Toronto Maple Leafs are very quiet right now, which makes me wonder if they are up to something, They really do need to trade one of their 34 defensemen for scoring help. Okay that number might be a little high, but still I do expect one of the big men to go again. By the way, great deal for the Leafs in the Kubina trade. The Leafs really are rebuilding the right way. They had a great draft.

Montreal clean house

How about the Canadians with their brand new front line? The Habs are seriously taking a huge gamble on taking Gomez Gonita and Cammy as they cleared house in the off season. There were also changes in defense; also Picking up Spacek; it will be interesting to see if Gainey moves in the off season with his new coach pay off. Only time will tell.

Final Word

Where is Danny going? Or does anyone care? Heatley is not speaking to the media, only through his agent. He is not winning any votes in popularity with the fans. It really makes me wonder how he really feels. Is there more that meets the eye, or is Heatley just being selfish? So many questions in the Heatley saga. Oh well, stay tuned for the soap opera as it develops!

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July 16, 2009 8:38 PM ET | Delete
Burke is quiet this week because he's on a FISHING trip all week, as is Nonis. Wow, don't you keep up with these things? How can someone wheel and deal when they're on VACATION?!*shakes head*
July 16, 2009 9:08 PM ET | Delete
Yes, the Boyd situation is worrisome to me. We keep picking up these weak filler players instead of signing Boyd. I'm not going to be happy if Boyd leaves town. We'll regret losing him.
July 16, 2009 9:42 PM ET | Delete
I still am not seeing how trading an established top four defenceman for two marginal NHLers is a good trade.
July 17, 2009 1:47 AM ET | Delete
like the style flame ... agreed on kubina and don't personally care about heatley ... should be some sort of clause with NTC's where if you ask for a trade you go where you're dealt ... and tallon being axed was a casualty of poor paper work essentially ... sad day cuz he's a great gm !
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