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I am hearing all sorts of panic from the Flames fans. Yes, the sky is falling. Our defense is standing around. Our forwards are back to not helping the defense Kipper is back to being human. Generally, this team reminds me of Dr Jeckell and Mr Hyde. I just do not understand how this team can be so awesome one night and terrible the next.

This phenomenon does not go just from game to game, but sometimes period to period. For example, the Ducks game which they lost. They seem to think that the hockey game is only one period long. Someone seems to have told them that the hockey game is only 20 minutes, and not only that, they seem to think they have to fall behind by 3-1 going into the third period. I guess some of the coaches do not understand the rules of the game.

The coaching seems to be really confused about the rules sometimes. They tell the players not to even play. This message even seems to get to Kipper, who oddly seems not to be superman. He seems to have some kind of relapse, not being able to stop a three-on-one or screen shot going top corner of the net, usually set up by a brain cramp bonehead play by a Flame player. This seems to start really confusing Kipper enough that sooner or later he starts letting in goals that normally it behooves him to stop.

This phenomenon seems to happen when the Flames have a huge lead. The coaches seem not to want the Flames to win by huge amounts. There have been several times where the Flames have had huge leads and and the coaches have told them to stand around and make bonehead plays to allow their opponents to come back and win the game. Again, the coaches seem to be confused about this game. Maybe they do not understand that the object is to win this game.

Maybe if the defense could learn not to let those forwards stand in front of the net. Maybe if the forward could be less cooperative when the defense of the other team is hitting them off the puck. Maybe we could be a little more selfish and win a few games. Please, can that be too much to ask? Speaking on behalf of the Flames fans - pretty please, win instead of being so charitable.

Maybe the team needs to read the rules, or are the players just rebelling, or have the coaches stopped coaching ? Or maybe the sky is falling. Oh oh, you better get some hard hats.



I really don't believe that the Flames coaches do not understand the rules Just making sure that is clear
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November 10, 2008 11:59 PM ET | Delete
I find it remarkable that this team has had the same problem for the last 2 years, and now it continues into this one. The reason I like to make comments on Flames blogs is because I hear all of this same stuff from all my friends who just happen to be flames fans. There is only ONE man who can coach this team... and that's the GM Mr. Sutter. It looks like the coaches don't make the players accountable for their actions. I can understand a young team making the same mistakes, but one that is considered to be a "contender"? I don't buy it. Why hasn't Sutter jumped behind the bench? Something tells me is that he likes his Job. If he can't get them playing right then he'll be canned
November 11, 2008 11:12 AM ET | Delete
One thing I really believe is that "just work harder" isn't a viable coaching technique anymore, the Flames are in desperate need of x's and o's coaching. Outlet passing, set plays off the face offs, line by line stratagy. They want to be a puck possesion team but seem very unsure of what to do to have that identity. I think the talent on the team has made up for the lack of coaching for two seasons running and once that is corrected this team is going to be VERY good. Look at Wilson with a leaf team that isn't very good on papers and you wonder what that coaching in Calgary would do...
November 11, 2008 11:16 AM ET | Delete
p.s. I didn't see the above comment before I made mine but it goes to show...
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