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Let me apoloize for horrible writing but my heart was in the right place


We went to all of the Group A Session. I did miss half of group B, we left around 2 pm. So in all fairness, my Group B impression might not be as good. I am just writing on the players who made the best showing in the practice to me.

Rhett Warrener

Rhett looks in better condition this year. He played very well this afternoon. He still lacks a little in speed, but his speed has really improved. Rhett must have really worked hard over the summer. The key for Rhett this season is to stay healthy.

Curtis Glencross

Curtis played very well. I did not realize he was so fast. Glen showed something to myself with his hard shot. He placed some very good shots; I really like his speed and he looked really good with Conroy.

Craig Conroy

Craig looks very good today. He played with a lot of heart. He and Glencross were excellent together today. Craig has not slowed down this season. His speed is his greatest asset. He made some nice passes to his linemates.

Todd Bertuzzzi

I figured a lot of people would be wondering how he looked today. He showed a lot of rust at times. He is trying to fit with Iggy and Langkow, but it is really not fair to compare him to those two. It may take a bit to find his niche with Langkow and Iggy, but once he does, I really feel he will do fine. Todd did make the pass of the practice, a behind-the-back no-look right on the stick.

Group A was fun to watch. Iggy and Langkow were very good. Langkow made quite a few nice passes to Iggy. Like I said, Conroy and Glencross were very good together, and played very well.

I missed most of Group B, having to take my son home sick. The part I did see kind of surprised me with the line combos for the first two lines.

Cammalleri Backlund Bourque

The line combo made me think that maybe there trying to test if Backlund is ready to make in the big leagues.

Mikael Backlund

I felt cheated because I did not get to see him enough. But in the first half, I thought he was very good today, he made a couple of nice shots. He fit in very nicely with Cammy and Borque.

Mike Camalleri

I thought he was very good today. He was a little rusty and made a few really good shots. I thought he was very good with puck, and of course I love his speed.

Wayne Primeau

I really liked Wayne in the first half of the practice. I thought he was great. I love his speed. He is very fast for a big man. He also made a few good passes and got one really nice goal that made the crowd buzz for a bit.

Robyn Regehr

Robyn was, well, his complete self. Robyn does not look like he quit playing over the summer. Regehr is our most stable defensemen, and looked like it today.

Dan Ryder

I really kept an eye on him during the practice while I was there. He was very good today. I wish they would have put him with better linemates to see him show off his talent more. Ryder was with Trembley and Seitsonen.

One thing with group B today was that the Moss Boyd and Lombardi line had their problems. It seemed they were out of sync with each other. Maybe it is because they did not play on the same line together.

Hey if there is anyone you want to know about send me an pm or email at [email][email protected][/email].
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September 23, 2008 12:30 PM ET | Delete
Thanks Flamstr, I have a feeling the ryder thing is a little about showing him he has to work his way to being a top prospect again. He can be a real all around center though! Lombardi has to be looking at Backlund and asking why aren't they letting me get my chemistry on with the second line wingers?? Doesn't show a lot of confidence in him and I think that's too bad even though I love Backlund. Are you as excited to see Prust and Nystrom this year as I am?
September 23, 2008 5:48 PM ET | Delete
yes I am Prust I think is a good one I know Nystrom very well we chat quite often he is really excited about this season.
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