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Wow, it's like a bad movie week this week as the Toronto Maple Leafs saga comes to an end with Burke finally becoming the New General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Or, as I would like to call it, the worst kept secret in the NHL. What really bothers me with this incident was that there was really no doubt about this. With the Burke hiring, there was really no big surprise, it was a big soap opera. It was not a matter of if it was going to happen, only when it going to happen.

Talking about soap opera’s; who is also so sick of Mats Sundin. Who cares anymore? Seriously, I have heard he was going to sign with 20 teams ranging from the Leafs to the Kings, and of course all over North America. Mats' most obvious destination is Vancouver. But really -- get it done already. The Soap opera must end.

Another interesting happening this week; Maurice replaces Laviolette in Carolina. Have we not seen this movie before? I guess Mr. Rutherford and Mr. Maurice have decided to kiss and make up and play it again Sam. Yes, I know it's kind of corny, but hey, I am trying to improve my membership.

Oh yes - must I go there? - I am talking about Mr. Avery comments. I have never seen a player suspended for words or comments spoken. I am not saying that he didn't go way past the line; the League needed to do something. Sean has been a rebel for many years, and a thorn in the side to the NHL, so it really seems to me that the League is just trying to find a way to shut him up. I say good for the League. I will not repeat the words which he said. To me they were too inflammatory to repeat in my blog. The NHL does not need the crap of a player going crazy. Really we are trying to get more fans; the NHL had to do something. Good on them for acting, and acting quickly.

Now for my rant of week. The players seem to think the head shots are not dangerous enough. They seem to think that respect is overrated. How many more injuries are going to happen before the players start to respect each other? Just maybe the no touch icing needs to rear its ugly head in the NHL. I really hated this in other leagues, but it's becoming commonplace to see a hit from behind on an icing infraction.

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