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Somebody asked me Why I post the Blogs on the weekend when I get no traffic to look at the blogs. I simply responded because I get no traffic to read my blogs anyways Now on with the observations of the weekend.

The Two biggest trades on the weekend

Mr. Sutter is at it again, as he trades for the rights of JBO, out of Florida, which cost us Leopold and a third round pick this year, which was NJ property from a previous trade. When you consider that what the Flames gave up is pretty much nil, being as they acquired the third rounder by going down three spots in the first round, and the Flames were not going to sign Leopold this season. Quite the smooth move by the Flames, but it was a great trade for the Panthers also, getting assets for JBO. I give them a great chance of getting Leopold signed.

Even if the Flames don’t sign Jbo, they made a essential second trade by trading Vandy to bring back Prust. The worst case scenario for the Flames is losing Jbo but having more cap to bring in a free agent. Oh yeah, never belief Daryl. Ever. And I mean ever .

The biggest trade of draft weekend was Philly getting Pronger and forward prospect Ryan Dingle, but at what price? The Flyers gave up Lupal and the defensemen Sbisa, plus two first rounders. I can understand the logic. The Flyers needed a big dman to stop the powerful Pens forwards. But the Ducks got an awful lot for a dman who only has one more year on his contract. Keep in mind, I suspect that this means Philly will be doing another transaction (a big word for trade) to get some cap relief for the upcoming season.

The big three

Wow, the Isles took the John Tavares in the first round. They go with the all star forward that you can build a team around. Let’s face facts, the fans wanted him, he is a poster child, which may very well be the ticket to save the franchise. Or better yet, Tavares will bring the Isles back to respectability. It was one of the biggest weekends for the Isles for some time.

The Bolts of course then went with Hedman, the perfect choice for TB. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out the defense is weak in TB. Hedman will be the perfect cure for the ailing defense. He is big, very agile, and has great puck skills to get the puck up to the talented forwards.

The Avs might have gotten the most complete player in the draft, in picking up Matt Duchene. He is a great play maker, with a great finishing touch in his shot. His speed is excellent. In time, he might just be the heir apparent to gentlemen Joe.


The Isles could no wrong in picking either one of those top three players. It made for great drama not to have a clear number one pick. All three players could have easily been the first pick, and no one would have complained. The Isles needed a poster boy, and Tavares is the player to bring those tickets in. On the other hand, the Bolts needed a puck-moving defensemen to help in their own end. The Avs also got exactly what they needed, a speedster who is a great play maker with great hands.

Of course I was trying to be funny at the beginning not negative so have a wonderful positive life everyone.

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June 28, 2009 3:00 PM ET | Delete
I think if the Flames don't sign Jay Bo they got raped.
June 28, 2009 10:49 PM ET | Delete
Ladynic: How do you figure they got raped? They traded a player that they weren't going to sign and a draft pick that they got for moving three spots down in the draft and taking the same player that they would have otherwise. I see it as break even.
June 29, 2009 2:41 PM ET | Delete
Flamstr, I appreciate your modesty but you know we all read your stuff. The jbo move is worth it, the draft pick is onconditional so that works out for Florida as well as us, the other teams were offering a 3rd as well but only if he signed... The Flames had Erixon's same ON the jersey, no velcro, they went there knowing who they'd take so lets hope their confidence in him is worth while because there was two guys who were really good that could have been picked and one went to Vancouver! (Shcroeder)
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