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The Vancouver Canucks have signed Roberto Luongo to a 12-year $64 million contract, making him a lifetime Canuck. Unless he gets signed as a 64 year free agent - okay that is little sarcastic, but you get the point. Luongo is a lifetime Canuck, and is one of the best goalies in the League. The Canucks have been a very busy team this week, acquiring two vets on the blue line in Christian Ehrhoff and Brad Lukowich to help bolster their defense. They did not stop there, signing free agent Mathieu Schneider, who should really help with the offensive numbers on the defense. I really like what the Canucks have done this off season.


What blog would be complete without me going over the Heatley saga? The latest being Murray saying that he is frustrated with Heatley saying there are no other options. Heater of course says he did not want to go to Edmonton until he explored his options. Well Danny boy, you might have just run out of options.

Talking about Edmonton, how about Cogs, one of the best young players in the game having to deal with almost being traded? This kid is fast and has the potential to get 100 points this season. It will be interesting to see how he handles that becoming public this season. He is a class act and I, for one, feel bad for the kid that he had to go through all of this. Hopefully, he won’t let it affect him in his days as a Oiler.

In Calgary for all those who will listen to Mr. Sutter, he is telling them this team is set for the season. I really did believe the Tangs rumors, but now I have repented of my evil thoughts, have come to the conclusion that the Flames are sticking with their all star defense, and hoping the kids can come through.

Talking about Alex Tanguay, he has come to terms with the Tampa Bay Lightning, great news for the Lightning. Tangs can be the perfect playmaker with Vinny, a terrific combo for sure. The Lightning have done a great job in the off season. I think they could be one of the most improved teams this season.

You know the best kept secret this season might have been by Philly signing Roy Emery. I think he might be a real steal at the price that they paid for him. New scenery with new teammates may very well be the perfect remedy for him. I think Emery is really looking to rebound with a clean slate. I look for big things from this kid. Philly might be a team on the rise with their mean defense led by some guy named Pronger, who should really help Emery adapt back to the game. A great steal by Homer.

Maple Leafs
Mr. Burke decided not to trade Kabs. I really think that is a blessing in disguise. The Leafs’ defense will match any team in the East. Kabs with Francois Beauchemin will be a great combo on the powerplay. Don’t forget Luke Schenn, one of the best young defensemen in the game for many years to come. I am one of the few Fingers supporters. I still say that was a good pick-up.
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Lifetime Canuck till he gets traded 5 years down the roadXxNYIxX
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good read man!
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