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The world has come to an end. Well, not literally, but figuratively, with the signing of Big Burt. The Calgary Flames have signed Todd Bertuzzi to a one-year contract worth 1.95 million buckaroo's (I do know buckaroo's is not a word.)

The factor that makes this interesting is the call for mercy from the Flames. They are asking the fans to give Bert a second chance. They have gone so far as to have Mr. Ken King, the team president, make a statement in the Calgary newspapers to give Todd a chance. Mr. King even made an appearance on the Fan, once again asking the fans to give Todd a second chance. Whether it’s a PR stunt, or the Flames really do want the fans to give him a chance; it begs the question: does Todd Bertuzzi deserve a new beginning or a new lease on life? Do the fans have an obligation to forgive players for past errors?
The Flames seem to think that Bert has paid his dues. They seem to think he has ""earned a second chance. The Ducks and Wings seemed to think the same; let Bert "get on with his life. Bertuzzi was interviewed the other day and is very excited about coming to the Flames to start a new life. He wants to win the fans over, and is looking forward to more playing time. But with that comes the responsibility of being a noble citizen.

The players have a responsibility to behave like civilized human beings. There is a code between the players, where there is a line that you don’t cross. So what happens to the player’s rep when that line is crossed? Make no mistake, there is a code among the players, it just seems like it gets trampled on over and over again. That being said, if the players can forgive, I return to my original question: Do the fans have an obligation to forgive Bertuzzi, or any player?

The hockey decision is already taken care of and answered, or else the Flames would have never signed him. The Flames have obviously felt that Bert will not be a cancer in the locker room. They must feel that he can contribute to the team, and the community. I have met Mr. Sutter many times. He is a man of integrity. He would never have signed Bert if he didn’t trust him in the first place.

The biggest concern for the Flames is obviously the backlash from the fans. Public relations are a major part of the Flames' business. It all comes down to: in the fan's eyes, has Bertuzzi served his time in purgatory? Does Todd Bertuzzi come with a contrite spirit? Has he been whipped enough, for lack of a better term? What is the answer to these questions? It’s in the eye of the beholder.

To get a handle on how the fans feel, I thought I would ask the fans themselves. Does Todd Bertuzzi deserve the benefit of the doubt?


"You're Captain and one of the best men ever to step on the ice has faith in Bert and knows what Bert brings to the table... Trust Iginla" Troy

"Bringing Iggy into the the equation at yesterday's news conference was just about as bad as Stockwell meeting the media on a jet ski and in a wet suit" Kyle

"Basically I’d say if Jerome vouches for him, he is all good for the fans in Calgary" Garblar

I was intrigued when I heard Jarome Iginla chip in on the media conference call. Was this for show, or was it for real? The Flames have said that Iginla was in on it right from the start. Looking at this with an objective point of view, it looks like they're trying to tell everyone that if their captain is for it, then we should all be for it. In other words, we should all drink the Kool-Aid. That being said, I have to take the word of the Flames that Iginla was a major force in the signing of Todd Bertuzzi. Yes, I might be a little biased, but I do trust the officials, they have always been very fair to me.


"I think everything will be a moot point if he goes there and produces; his past will soon forgotten." Keith

"Here is how I see it. If Bert comes in and scores in numbers, the Fans will give him a chance. I believe in giving everyone a second chance, but he should thank his lucky stars that the NHL has gave him a second chance" Conroy

I think Keith and Conroy are probably right; once he scores his first goal, the fans will be on board. It’s amazing what happens when all the adrenalin kicks in. Everyone seems to forget why they were mad in the first place.


"It depends if he shows up in shape or not. He was not in shape the last two years and that's why Detroit did not use him in the playoffs and Anaheim bought him out"
Media Source

"If what I have read from Duhatsek in the Globe is true, then there is a lot of upside...I just don't buy Bertuzzi saying that 2 months after his season ended, he's now in the best part of his career.

Here's the issue.... if Bertuzzi has looked within himself and realized that he had another chance in Van, then Fla, then Ana, and realized it's not about the team it's about him changing, then it could be incredible

I just don't think Bertuzzi has done that yet- if Iggy can, then that's great but if Iggy went public- and he has - about wanting Bert and then Bert blows it - that's going to divide that already suspect locker room" Banger

Todd has not been quite the same since his Vancouver days. Bert has the all the qualities and abilities to be a force with the Flames. It’s comes down to the execution of Bertuzzi be able to put the past behind him. I saw positive indications last year that he was turning it around.


"Sure, everyone deserves a second chance, but that doesn’t make up for what he did and he shouldn’t be entirely forgiven. He ruined a player’s career and life. since then he hasn’t done much to cure his cause and I don’t think the Flames should have taken a chance on him" Drake

"It was a few years ago...and Moore wasn't exactly the next big thing. It was retaliation that got out of hand. As an Avs fan, I want to boo him every time he’s on the ice in the Pepsi center. But as a hockey fan, I could understand that it’s difficult to determine what actually ended Moores career-- the punch or the dogpile" Foppa

I wanted to give the Colorado fans a say in on this, I know its hard on them to see Bertuzzi play. I completely understand where there coming from. People need to take care of Mr. Moore’s need, no doubt. It was a mistake, and something Bertuzzi has dealt with. I completely understand how the Avs fans feel; and in no way condone what happened.


"It's hard to condone Bertuzzi's past actions, and no one understands that more then Todd himself. Todd has publicly asked for forgiveness, and has lost a lot in the process. Bertuzzi lost big sponsorships, respect throughout the league and its fans, and salary. I believe Bertuzzi deserves a second chance to show his skill, size, and overall character.

For those who don't believe he deserves a second chance in Calgary. Listen to one of the most respected players in the NHL. Jarome Iginla has gone record to say that he wants Bertuzzi to play with him in Calgary, and to win over the fans. Hopefully fans will give him his second chance before the puck drops, but if not, he plans on doing it on the ice" Donovan

" Bertuzzi focuses on a new beginning, Calgarians focus on a comeback season for Bert" Conroy

Phanuef to Iggy, Iggy to Langkow, Langkow skates out of traffic, passes to Bertuzzi........ HE SCORES, YA BABY YA BABY YA BABY. " Conroy

"Regardless, Bertuzzi's got enough baggage; he doesn't need fans dumping on him too" Todd

"The debate will contine with Todd Bertuzzi up until the end of the season, while there is a chance that it will all end once his first goal hits the back of the net. But at the end of the day, for the price we paid and the hole he fills, we are a better team today than we were the day before we signed him" Rob

With my religious beliefs, I feel everyone deserves to be forgiven and deserves a second chance. I feel that Todd Bertuzzi does feel bad for what he did. That being said, my first reaction was no way, but I realized that I am not the judge. If the NHL finds he has done the time, then he deserves to be allowed to play.

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July 10, 2008 12:57 PM ET | Delete
Great Blog...You covered all aspect and points of view...Keep them coming!
July 10, 2008 12:57 PM ET | Delete
Great blog Flamestr. A good overall analysis and showing of comments from all sides of the fence.
July 10, 2008 2:06 PM ET | Delete
I was never one of the lynch bertuzzi mob anyway, I've stated more than once that we need a Homstron/Smyth type presence in front of the net and he fits the bill perfectly. In addition he was villified in a way that I've never seen, certainly Heatley and Mactavish never received this kind of incredibly bad P.R. and their crimes resulted in deaths...as in loss of life. He served his time for the cheap shot, this is 4 years later, let's play hockey.
July 10, 2008 2:06 PM ET | Delete
Whenever I hear someone try to excuse Bertuzzi's culpability in Moore's accident by saying 'punch or dogpile' I try to remind them that the dogpile would never have taken place without the punch....or if we're going to call it like it is, the 'sucker punch'.
July 10, 2008 2:08 PM ET | Delete
that sucker punch came a game after Moore's "sucker elbow" to Naslund's head...but that's cool because he's not hurt?? It's the action not the result that should be punished. Bertuzzie suckered him for sure, the resulting actions compounded the effects of that punch for sure...but it was a punch that he got suspended for. Just ask Tootoo what that's like.
July 10, 2008 2:21 PM ET | Delete
Very well done. Covers it all.
July 10, 2008 2:24 PM ET | Delete
July 10, 2008 2:24 PM ET | Delete
Great work Str, Your bloggs get better everytime.
July 10, 2008 3:20 PM ET | Delete
Not sure Flame. He'll end up prbably doing decent things at the least. But to the deeper question does he deserve another chance? Hell NO!!! Why because rather than make a restitution to Moore for his digusting behaviour he passes the buck to Crawford. The man has been making good money for a while now. He should have offered half his contracts from day one after he hurt Moore like that. That's my thing. Where is the real remorse. I don't mean the kind that is selfish and feels bad because he did it. BUt the true kind where he goes and visits Moore and checks on him in the hospital.
July 10, 2008 3:29 PM ET | Delete
Good blog, Flamstr. You have really come a long long way!! Congratulations.
July 10, 2008 4:02 PM ET | Delete
Fantastic blog! I don't think I've seen one without a personal slant before, so this one was a breath of fresh air.As for Bert. Yes Moore's career was destroyed and his life altered forever. One can make the case he was a career third or fourth liner, but does that really matter. I feel Bert has never recovered as well. His career has gone down the tubes since then and he is nowhere near the player he used to be. Although I think a new contract in the NW division with the Nucks and especially Avs wasn't the smartest move, he just wants to play for who ever will give him a chance.
July 10, 2008 4:14 PM ET | Delete
saneopinion...the order in which our society places severity of a crime is first based on intent, and then based on result. This is the reason why an attempted murder sentence usually carries out over a longer time period than a manslaughter sentence. If one's intent is malice and the other person is not harmed, it is deemed a more serious crime than if the other person is actually harmed and there is no intent to injure. The problem with this of course, is that it is extremely difficult to judge what someone's intent was in the moment that a "crime" took place. Having played a great deal of hockey, I would make the argument that whenever someone hits another player, the intent is there to harm that person...they obviously don't want to kill them, but there is an intent to harm them in some way.
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