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The Buffalo Sabres have one of the best young forwards crops in the league. They are a enigma as to why they don’t have more points in the standings. Their defense is led by super star Mr. Campbell. The goaltending is solid; that will have to continue to improve to help this team make the playoffs.

The Sabres' strengths are their age, speed, and strength. Their forwards are very fast, tricky, and hard to take off there feet. They work hard and are very gritty. They're young, and they have something to prove this season: that they can survive without a real big name.


Jason leads the team in scoring, which really surprised me. He has great hands. Jason has speed to burn and is very strong with the puck. He is hard to take off the puck. Jason is a great passer, and seems to know when to pass and when to shoot. Jason does everything that is asked of him and more. He will be a future captain. Jason will be a complete player this season. He will continue to improve his defensive game.


I love this kid. I love his grit and I love his game. He is fast and dependable. He will be a force for many years to come. He has 13 goals and 14 assists this season but he has 4 game-winning goals for the Sabres, making him a dependable and a clutch player who they can go to when the time is right.


Roy is a major spark plug who plays with his heart and leads this team by example. He is the best center on this team. He knows what to do with the puck. I love the way he hits. He skates like the wind. He has moves to make a defenseman look for his (use your imagination), while scoring before they can recover. Roy has moves that I as a fan can admire, and with that he covers well in his own zone.


Brian is probably in the top 10 in the League for all-around defenseman. I have seen Brian carry the puck up to the forwards or pass it. He has a terrific shot, and is great with the puck. His passing is among the best defense in the League. A terrific all-around defenseman. The top priority for the Sabres should be signing Brian to a long-term contract. I am sure that he will be signed by the team very soon.


The Sabres should be a lot better than they are. They have all the tools of a playoff team. Look for them to make a push and challenge. I suspect that they will be adding to their line-up. They need another top 6 forward and a solid dman, then the Sabres will be poised for a run for the playoffs.


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Their forwards are very fast, tricky, and hard to take off there feet. concrete driveways
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