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It was a rough afternoon at the prospects camp this afternoon. Whether it was the ice or the players themselves, it was real chippy practice. The rookies were put through a light workout, as they were finished about a hour earlier today.

The defence were having some troubles controlling the puck in the offensive zone. But in the defensive zone, a couple of Defensemen shone:

63 Josh Meyers

Josh played very well today in the defensive zone. Coverage was good. He used his body a couple of times on the one-on-one coverage in the zone.

54 Chris Breen

Chris made a few good defensive plays in his own end. I thought he used his strength, but he still needs to improve on his skating. His defensive game is more than adequate. Chris had a good day.

The two defensemen who stood out today were in a league all their own. I am really getting excited about these two. They have really improved in this camp over last year.

43 Keith Seabrook

Keith was very good this afternoon. He is very strong for his size and he made a couple of really good body checks. He made a really nice goal in the scrimmage. He is skating very well right now. If he can use his body and play with some grit, I think this kid can really play.

51 Tim Erixon

Tim was steady today. He used his smarts today. It was great to see his imagination out there on the ice. He was very good at times, and struggled at others. I think Tim is a year or two at most away becoming a NHL defencemen.

The forwards really struggled, including the two best so far in the camp:

47 Jon Rheault

For the first time in this camp, I thought Jon was really fighting the puck. The puck was bouncing today and Jon was really getting frustrated. I still believe he has a great possibility of becoming a star in this league.

52 Mitch Wahl

There were fans behind me who were getting on Mitch's case today. In all fairness, he was struggling. Again, this could very well be because of the ice, just as much as him personally. I really would not worry too much about Mitch; he is a good one.

There were some bright spots on the forwards that I thought I would like to point out. Two names that I had not really noticed until today:

49 Bill Arnold

I thought today was Bob's best day at the camp. He showed some hustle and scored a very nice goal for the Black team. I really thought he played with purpose. Great job.

39 Bryan Cameron

I thought he showed me something today he looked like this meant something to him. He looked like he was playing with a purpose he was pretty solid there.

Finally, I thought I would mention the player most people feel is the Flames' second best prospect:

48 Greg Nemisz

I thought Greg skated pretty well. He showed some talent today. I really like what he showed today. I was finally beginning to notice him today. It was nice to see him play well today.

The goalies were alright. They did not really stand out, except for Irving, who was very good today. I liked his attitude. He was having fun with the players and trying put people at ease. He is getting better at using his stick. I really like his form right now. Let's hope that he keep it up.

I would think the ice had something to do with the struggles today, so I am not too concerned about today's performance. I am really looking forward to seeing these prospects progress. It will be interesting to see how things come out.
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