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Wings Next on my List

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The Red Wings probably have the best Dman in the League, and two of the best forwards in the league. They are Stanley Cup Contenders. They are the toast of the west. Why? Simple, they are that good; they have a solid defense, and adequate goal-tending which looks better because of their defense. Simply put, this team has no weakness.

Who are the key components on this team? How do I even start trying to determine who to pick? Oh, I will pick the usual prospects. But let me tell you, these super stars would, in no way, shape, or form be stars without their supporting cast. Names like Daniel Cleary, Kris Draper, Johan Franzen, and finally Thomas Holmstrom. I could go on, but my blog would be way too long, because I could think about another 10 more players. But I digress. Onto the meat of the blog; the key cornerstones to the Wings' success.


Jiri is terrific center who has already beat the paste of last year. He is on pace for 21 goals and 56 points. If Juri matches that pace, he would more than double his his totals from last year. In fact, his total from this year already top his totals from last year. What is the main reason? Because he has matured into a great player. Jiri is a great shot and terrific skater, he is a great support for the team in scoring.


Zetterberg is a terrific offensive forward and has speed to burn. But what is more important, he is a very smart player with the ability to win the game all by himself. Henrik has the moves to find a needle in haystack and leave without ruffling the hay. I have seen him take the puck from one end to the other and score before the goalie even knows who has the puck. A smooth skater, passer, and shooter; a complete player who should get some votes for MVP.


Pavel is the best playmaking center in the league. He has to be the best passer in the game, which makes Pavel the perfect linemate for Zetterberg. He always seems to find Henrik. Pavel is a complete player; he is as good defensively as he is offensively and rarely gets caught out of position. He is a first-rate player who can win a game all by himself.


Nick is the best defenseman in the league. He is consistently the best candidate for the Noris. He is a terrific powerplay quarterback who has great vision and a great shot. He is capable of fixing his teammates mistakes with his defensive strengths. He is the most complete dman in the league, bar none.


A Stanley Cup Contender, the Wings will contend for the West and could walk away with the Cup. They have so many weapons down from the 4th line up to the 1st line; there is no weakness, only strengths.


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January 2, 2008 10:50 AM ET | Delete
Hate 'em from top to bottom. But that's a tribute to how well they have run their organization for so many years. My new philosophy on the Wings - ignore them. Forget they exist, they are going to rack up points throughout the regular season and win the Central year after year - and hope someone clocks them in the playoffs.
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