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My son and turned the tv off in protest of stress after all life is to short to worry about the playoffs. So went out for a walk and pretended to be Ottawa Senators. That way we win, not to say were not Flames fans still but we realize when its a sinking ship you need to get off. So on our walk pretending we are Ottawa Senators we went to the Seven Eleven to eat A bunch of gummy bears and worms which is another way I handle stress making me a fat but happy stress less Ottawa Senator fan now I am not saying this is a good way to handle stress its just the way I handle it which is better than smashing the tv Set. My son also enjoyed the playing of hockey with me and the walk the extra bonus of eating gummy worms and gummy bears. And he also likes dad when dad is not stressed. That being said will I watch game 2 probably not will be doing another walk this time without the candy because my wife will be with me she was out in a meeting tonight so she was not there to stop me eating candy.

You see that what wifes do they save us , they cuddle they push us to get better and be better people, lets hope the flames players wifes call their men and push them to be better. My wife has been my strength in getting over this problem of me being stressed she has supported me and offered advice and help me to become a better person, and that my friends should be a goal in all of our lives to help people to become better people because when we do that we become better people. And my wife does that better than anyone I know.

My son still loves me and loves me more for making it fun night for him despite the shames loosing, and you know I am also very proud of myself for realizing that my goal of not being upset in hockey playoffs is still in tact. And Yes the sun will still come out tomorrow. Despite the Shames getting killed.


April 12, 2007 11:30 PM ET | Delete
Another real nice blog, Flamestr. Right on target!
April 14, 2007 4:35 AM ET | Delete
Great blog Flamestr, but Ottawa Senators fan? ewwww ;)
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