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Someone asked me once what is really meaning of hockey? Why do fans come to hockey games? Why indeed do fan love this wonderful game. I can not speak for all fans but I certainly tell you why I love this game.


I remember watching hockey game as a young kid going to watch my friends in the youth hockey days. I remember watching my buddies team playing and working together as a team. I could not skate so I had let my friends in some way fulfill my dreams. As a fan I felt that I was to part of the team cheering them on. Hockey is meant to entertain us it is a game to be watched and played. Life is to short to worry about whether your team wins or loses.

Sometimes we lose reality, forget the real reason for hockey? It is not meant for us to watching the game with life and death. It is not meant for stress it is meant for enjoyment. My wife use to remind me that whether my teams wins or looses should not determine how my day goes. She has taught me that this is a game we should enjoy the game for what it is a game.


I love watching a pass going from one end setting a forward on break away. I love watching a goalie stealing goal from the forward. I love watching a hit from a dman to stop a progress into the offensive zone.

I love the game with in the game the matching of the lines. I love watching the coaches try to figure out who to play against each other. I love watching the changing on the fly watching the coaches getting the right players on the right time. I love trying to figure out what goes into a coach on who he matches up and when.


I will put this in a nut shell no one ever remembers the good stuff. You notice that when a dirty hit happens it is on the news for weeks and weeks. It drives me crazy that people constantly remember the dirty incidents. The supposedly experts come out and tell us how awful the game is how violent it is. Yet you never hear from the for months and months. I mean they are vultures sitting there waiting to destroy the game. Come on if they are supposedly expert how about looking at the whole game.

I am the most negative person in the whole world bar none. If there is anyone more negative than me I feel sorry for them. So I am going to try to turn a new leaf and become a positive person.



I finally want to let everyone know why I am a Phoenix Coyotes fan. Let me say this I refuse to allow myself to be one team fan I may even become all thirty teams before the end of the season. I would like to consider myself a NHL fan not a team fan but a league fan.

I can be reached at [email][email protected][/email] if anyone wants to send me an idea for a blog.
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