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Jim Balsillie is at it again as he tries once again to bring the NHL to southern Ontario. You have to give him marks for determination, once again making an offer to buy the Phoenix Coyotes. This being the third attempt to buy a team to bring them to Hamilton.

I really have nothing against Jim; heck, I do not even know him. Obviously he is a huge hockey fan. He is a very good business man, who knows how to make money and is very smart. The question is his method to try to acquire a National Hockey League team. Let me ask you this did he do anything morally wrong? He sees a Phoenix team file for bankruptcy, so he makes an offer. Also, he knows the NHL does not want a team's value to go below 200 million, so makes an offer of $205 million I have heard many arguments for and against. Let's face facts; he has stepped on toes, and he does not seem to care.

So it comes down to does he deserve to own a team, based on how he has come to make these offers? Can the NHL ban someone who has not played by the rules? Would Jim Balsillie be good for the NHL? Let me ask you this – are you not just a little bit curious what he is going to do next? Financially, he would be a rock to the NHL. He brings more new cash to the NHL, and cash is the magic word in the corporate world. (Come on, you know it's true). Yes, I would have fun just watching him make the NHL cringe every time he speaks.

So the question comes down to: Does the NHL want someone who does not go by the rules or not part of the old boys club in the NHL? Jim is pretty much snubbing every owner in the League by doing the exact same thing three times in a row. Going behind the NHL's back and buying and trying to relocate teams. Now there is no money for owners, so where is the money? That is simple – it is in expansion. Can you say fees up the ying yang? I knew you could. The only reason the NHL is mad at Jim is because he is taking money out of their pockets. Not exactly the most popular thing to do, if you want to join the old boy's club.
All I have to say is: shouldn't the fans of Glendale really have a person representing them? I say yes, they should. Who's up for it?

Rant of the Week

This one is easy; it goes to the fans of the Canucks, because they did not like a few penalties. I say “so what?” Give me a break. It's a game; and endangering players is inexcusable We as fans have to remember that hockey is a game. We need to stay in the real world, people.


I know for a fact that not all Canucks fan's are like this. I know for a fact that most are very good fans. This is not a rant against the Canuck fans, but it is rant against what some hockey fans did at a hockey game. Are we clear on that? I do not need all sorts of hate mail from Canuck fans.

Pens and Caps putting on a show

I cannot say enough about the games between the Caps and Pens. Crosby and Ovechkin are truly the two best players in the world. Every game is pure joy to watch, which is nice for a change, so let me say thank you Pens and Caps. In this series, we have seen some great saves and goals. Yes, there is more than just Crosby and AO. Do yourself a favor, watch game 6 on Monday.
May 11, 2009 1:30 PM ET | Delete
Yeah I agree Flamstr. As far as Jimbo goes well... I have to say since they moved the team FROM winnipeg shouldn't they have first dibbs?? Them and their brand new 15,000 seat stadium?? I know that is kind of small but even getting 12, 000 fans in there is better the 5 fans in pheonix...who got the tickets for free.
May 11, 2009 2:55 PM ET | Delete
I was at Game 5 of the Caps - Pens series and after the game, Caps fans were also throwing stuff on the ice. They were throwing things at Pens players. Add in the Torts incident from Round 1 and the garbage throwing after Game 7 vs. the Flyers last season, you may want to change your rant recipients to Caps fans.
May 11, 2009 5:36 PM ET | Delete
I don't have a problem with them moving the franchise as along as all avenues have been taken to keep the team there. Also Basille is like a bull in a china shop. Doesn't know proper protocol and probably doesn't care, but I certainly agree that Ontario deserves a franchise. Perhaps not with Jimbo
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