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The Calgary Flames have signed defensemen Jim Vandermeer and his brother, right winger Peter Vandermeer. The Flames did not stop there; they also inked winger Curtis Glencross.

So basically, Vandy will be in the slot of a fourth or fifth defenseman. Peter will be a Quad City roster spot depth move; do not expect him to fill a spot with the big club. Curtis will be on the team battling for the last two lines. Curtis is fast and strong, the perfect Sutter/Keenan player.

The Calgary Flames' two biggest key roster moves in the off season were the signings of Mark Giordano and the resigning of Daymond Lankow . The one I am really excited about is Mark getting inked. Mark is a great puck-moving defenseman, who will take some pressure off Dion in the offensive zone. Mark will get to be on the second line power play unit, which will give him a shot at more points. Giordano has a great shot and will be a great addition to the Flames this fall.

I would be amiss if I did not comment the signing of Langkow. Daymond took a huge pay cut to stay with the Flames. I know what you are thinking: How can you say that Daymond, who is getting his salary doubled, can be considered to have taken a pay cut? But consider this: How much could a number one center get in the market today? Scoring 30 goals and adding 35 assists gives you a six million dollar salary. Just a little insight into the character of Langkow, wanting to stay in Calgary. Does that mean he is worth 6 mil? Daymond is not probably not, but that does not mean he would not have gotten it.

So what do I think of the Flames roster moves so far? To tell you the truth, I am a little disappointed that the Flames have not picked up another top six forward. Now I know there is plenty of time yet for the Flames to get their other top 6 forward. So I guess we are to forced play the waiting game and try to figure out what Mr. Sutter is going to do. Maybe I can ask nicely and he will tell me -- yea right!

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While I don't agree that Langkow took a "paycut", I do feel a re-signing was appropriate, especially since he's earned his spot as top Centerman. That being said, I do think Sutter should be looking for a Top-6 RW for the second line. With Huselius gone, there're no other true right-side-wingers until you dip into the prospect pool (ie: Van Der Gulik). That also being said, unless he wants to grab Pavol Demitra, Sutter lost his chance at signing any top teir UFA wingers so he'll have to find his Top-6 winger via trade.
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I would take the Flames lack of activity (compared to other clubs) as a sign they are looking for specific pieces. I can't say enough about the Glencross signing. He will be a dandy for you. I just wish he was still in copper and blue.
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Well we didn't get out of the first round last year with two great left wingers so I'm not sure what we are going to do with just one now!! I could see them breaking up the lines and having iggy and langkow together with any left wing that can skate and camalleri with Lombardi giving us a huge speed line, I think Lombo's passing is under rated and again just what ever right wing the want to throw in there. My guess is Boyd will fill in on the top two lines somewhere and Moss/ V.D.G. might play a role somewhere in there as well. Borque being a top two line guy I don't see but hey...it's keenan, you never know. One thing I'm over the moon about is Ryder being back in the fold, that is just huge for the flames prospects, now we have three centers that could all make the grade here in Ryder, Nemo and Wahl...eventually. I'm with you though, one more top six guy seems to make the most sense to me, I think it would have to be via trade at this point though.
July 3, 2008 6:04 PM ET | Delete
It would be interesting to see if Sutter will go the offer sheet route to fill in that top six forward that I think they really need. Players available that should be in the 1.3-2.6m range may include: Vermette, O'Sullivan, Svatos and to a lesser extend, Pierre-Marc Bouchard. Any of those players would be a great fit on Calgary's second line and would only cost a second round pick. That being said, I'm pretty sure all those teams would match those offers, unless Boyle goes to Ottawa...
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I have to disagree with the biggest moves. You guys will love Cammellari much more than Tanguay. I think Cammy is the biggest move. I agree and am waiting for you to sign another forward. Bert just keeps coming to mind for some reason.
July 6, 2008 3:04 PM ET | Delete
Bertuzzi is public enemy number 1 out here...i just cant see him here.I think we have had a great offseason so far...The fact that we have regher and dion signed long term and at the price we have them locked up for is all i need to be happy. Robyn is the most under-rated D-man in the NHL, I love watching him play and I can't imagine what he would get on the open market.
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