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memories important to keep

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Today blog is on another blog questions. So I force some of my friends to pick

What is your favorite hockey memory while growing up?


Well, this is going to go down as the most common "best" memory, but I have to say the Miracle has to be it. I grew up in Colorado, and at the time our NHL team wasn't televised very frequently (maybe not at all), and our family "didn't believe in television." Like most people, we'd heard the rumor that the game was worth watching, and it happened to be on a night we were going over to my grandparents house. We were never allowed to watch TV during a meal, but this was an exception. So there it was on the "big screen"....a 27 inch RCA in an enormous oak cabinet with built-in speakers (1980 was still the era where TV was furniture unto itself). As an event, it stood out in my mind because all our other traditions came to a stop while the whole extended family gathered around a hockey game. Hockey! My game! Late into the night we watched...transfixed with the rest of an anxious nation. As kids, we didn't understand the political context -- for my brother and I, it was an evening where the whole family stopped to watch OUR sport. Ooohed and Aaahed with each shot and save. I still remember believing this was the beginning of many nights to come where hockey would become our new family tradition. It may not have happened that way for the rest of the family, but my brother and I still make a point of getting together for a game any time we're in town. Then again, maybe it did start a family tradition after all.

Wow Zen the best memory is with the family. There can be no better memory than that. It was a proud moment for America. Hockey needs to be spend together as a family. There are not enough people who love this game as a family. A very powerful memory from a very close friend, ZenSisyphus, who is a very good writer and you should read his blogs.


My favorite memory was watching the Leafs' 1993 Stanley Cup run. I was just a young guy at the time, only 4 or 5 years old. My parents used to make me go to bed after the 1st period (if the games were in our time zone) and on weekends my dad would let me stay up for the whole game with him; half the time I was asleep by the end of the 2nd. I remember watching the highlights of the game in the morning with my dad, and he also used to tape them for me so I could watch them after school. I remember there was something you could feel; it felt like they were going to win it all when they got by Detroit. I will never forget the goal that ended it all - the goal Wayne Gretzky scored - the memories of that Stanley Cup run are some I will remember forever.

Wayne Gretzky is one of the greatest players, if not the greatest player in the world. This brings back some heart braking memories. But I remember being very proud of the Leafs for the season they had. And we came this close to having a Canadians vs Leafs final. Memories from our childhood are very powerful and meaningful. Thanks so much, Stig, for sharing.


My favourite memory is when Ottawa and Buffalo got into a brawl. All the players
on the were fighting, including Emery fighting two players including Biron. My dad tells me the other player he fought was Peters, who was the goon on the Sabers.

I kind of knew my boy would pick this one. I remember this night laughing so hard watching Dougstr being so excited about all the fights. It has been one of many fond memories that I have had with my son. He is my pride and joy. Thanks so much Dougstr.


I grew up in London, Ontario, and we made a rink together every year. I always complained bitterly about standing there for HOURS. Having a rink in your backyard and playing hockey with my Dad on Xmas holidays will always be my favorite memory. My Dad's love of hockey is my Dad and I in our backyard

You know memories with your father are the most special. I will never will forget the times I had with my father. Reading this one brought a tear to my eye. You see, this what hockey is meant to bring to us. Thank you for sharing this with us Canuckle.

There you have it. Memories come in all shape and sizes. I love the game of hockey, and what it has done for me and my family. Whether they are about family or a game, memories are to be treasured. May we always treasure all of our good memories. I would like to thank all my friends who took part in this blog, because without them there would be no blog.

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Great blog Flamestr, sometimes you don't realize what the game means to us. But when you look back some of my best memories revolve around hockey.
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