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Todd Bertuzzi keeps his 82 goal pace, Langkow cashes in on another power play as the Calgary Flames made the Oilers pay for penalties in the first period. It was nice for a change to see the powerplay connect tonight. I have to say, I am so pleased with how well Todd Bertuzzi is playing tonight; he looks very good for the Flames. Bert leads the team in goals connecting early with 5. The Flames totally dominated the first period, out-shooting the Oil 17-3, their best period of the year, getting four power plays, and cashing in on two of them. The key tonight would be whether could play a full 60 minutes.

But again, the Calgary Flames do not play a 60 minute game, as they stand around and watch the Edmonton Oilers skate all over them, ripping three straight goals in the second period. Everything the Flames did right in the first period they did wrong in the second. This is why the Flames fans are getting so frustrated with this team. They continue to have mental breakdowns. The Edmonton goal scorers were Moreau, Pasani, and Coliano. Kipper is out of position, the Flames defense is slow, and forwards are throwing the puck away; hence, the Oilers are killing the Flames. The thing that is so maddening for the Flames fans is that this game was totally changed in one period. I hate to sound like a broken record, but this game was lost by Flames poor defensive zone coverage and blind passes. The second period was a horrible mindless period by the Flames, who now trail the Oil 3-2.

The loss is pure and simple. The Flames are finding ways to lose and they are doing it with amazing accuracy. It is like I am watching fulfillment of prophecy, predicting loss after loss. The Flames continue to stand around and watch teams beat them with a stick. They played one great period, and when you play only one period, you lose. Hockey is a three period game. It's too bad the Flames continue to forget about that.

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Great Blog Flamestr. The Flames are on the ropes early in the season can they recover?
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Can change half the roster, but everything still remains the same. I wish I knew what the answer was. But there's just something about this team that can't bring all the pieces together. Can't bring the effort to the table. Can't play they way they need to. Have never liked Keenan...before or during his Flames days. I personally would like to start finding the right answer by changing coaches. It quite frankly couldn't hurt the mindset of this team.
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Sounds like time already for some kind of shakeup. Coach, player? Mascot?
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nice blog Kash
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I need to watch some Flames games. I have been mezmorized by my sharks that I have not looked around. Glad to hear Bert is scoring. I work with a lady here that knows him and says he is one of the nicest guys she knows. She is kinda like the grandma to everyone here at work, and if she likes him then he must be an ok guy.If there is a shakeup there for the flames, who would be on the way out?
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