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The Sens might have the best forward in the league in Alfie, Heater, and Spezza. But most people do not know there is more to the Sens than this line. Some of you do not know it, but there are a some very good players on this team that do not get the ink.

On this blog I would like to write on the unsung hero. Everyone knows the big line, but I thought it would be nice to get to know the other Sens players. The Sens have one of the best built teams in the League. The only question I have is: Can they put it together?


The second line center is a good one. I love his ability in the offensive zone. He has great hands. He has scored 19 goals with 23 assists, for a total of 42 points this season. Mike should have a career year this season, in which I think he might get 60 points. Mike is a great play-maker and has ton of grit which will help him keep plays alive in the offensive zone. He is great asset on the power play, as evidenced by his 5 power-play goals. Fisher is a vital asset to the Sens' secondary scoring. He is a terrific all-around player and is a perfect fit for the Sens as their 2nd line center.


Antoine is a great penalty-killer. He uses his speed to his advantage, getting behind the opponent's defense. He has 2 short-handed goals, which make him an asset on the penalty kill, and his 3 game winning goals makes him a clutch player. Vermette is a spark-plug who can lift his team with his style of play. He has attitude that can spread through-out the team. He has the ability to become a twenty-goal scorer. I really like Vermette. He is a perfect underdog that you want to be successful.


Wade is a terrific all-around defenseman. He is a steady all-around defenseman. Wade is a rock with his plus 14, and is a strong example of defensive zone play. Wade is also used on the power-play. He has a great slap shot and 4 power-play goals. He really surprised me with his 26 assists. I had no idea that he was that good with the puck. Wade is, in my opinion, the Sen's number one dman. I may get slammed for saying that, but his ability proves it.


Cory is the perfect fit for Ottawa. He is a terrific forward. He is going to add to the secondary scoring on the Sens. His 21 goals and 25 assists are exactly what the Sens will need from him. He has ten goals on the power-play, and will be a great asset on the power-play. Cory is a very good offensive forward; he will work well with Fisher, who will have someone to feed the puck to. Stillman is a sniper who has a center to get him the puck. Cory will score some big goals for the Sens down the stretch.


Ottawa will make a run at the cup at this season's end. I really think the Sens will be a Stanley Cup Contender. They have the perfect of blend of vets and rookies. Like I said, they have the best first line in League. More importantly, they have acquired a top six forward in Cory Stillman, which give them more secondary scoring. I think the Sens might be the team to beat in the East.


I really do not think that Mr. Murray is done. He will be doing another trade. Look for the Sens to pick up another top 6 forward; the name that comes to my mind is Kings forward; paging Mr. Nagy.


The fan who leaves early and proud of it

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Fisher is a vital asset to the Sens' secondary scoring. He is a terrific all-around player and is a perfect fit for the Sens as their 2nd line center. concrete driveway contractor
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