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Ducks next on my tour

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The Ducks probably have the best defense in the NHL. Burke must believe that you build a team from the defense in. The Ducks' strength is in their size. Their forwards are big and strong. The Ducks are a terrific team, with plenty of stars to burn.

Today's blog will be in the regular format, with who I think are the key cogs to the Ducks success. There is no doubt that the Ducks have all the tools. The only question is their ability to execute. Now on to the meat of the blog; the players that I think that key to the Ducks success.


Chris is a hard hitter who plays a rough style. Pronger is one of the power play quarterbacks with a terrific shot. Chris plays a hardnose style, and knows how to score; he is an all-around defenseman. He is a quiet leader for the team, and being the captain, he leads by example. Chris has plenty of offensive skills often overlooked with his defensive skills. He uses his size to his advantage, has huge reach, and often the gets the team out of trouble.


Scott is a purely magnificent offensive defenseman. Which makes him an even better player is his vision within his game. He is a terrific passer. Scott brings his experience and knowledge to the Ducks and is probably one of the best defenseman in the game. It may take him a little while to be back up to his standards, but mark my words, he will. Scott is a steady defenseman, who often covers up the team's mistakes with his skill and finesse and speed.


Corey already has 20 goals this season. He could score 40 goals before the end of the season. Corey is very strong. He is very hard to take off the puck. He will score a lot of garbage goals, because his strength will often outwork the opposition for the puck in the corners. Corey is a very gifted young power forward, with terrific strength and soft hands, who will be a solid power forward for many years to come.


Ryan is a terrific hard-nosed center who knows how get his hands dirty. He has a hard shot, with accuracy. His strength is in his offensive skill; he is great with the puck, he continues to be an up and coming start with a terrific shot, and is a great passer. He is so strong in the corner, willing to fight for the puck, and will usually get it. He is also hard to get the puck off of. He will be a tower of strength for many years to come. Ryan is a very good stick handler, with tons of talent.


I have no doubt the Ducks will be a playoff contender and probably a cup contender with the best defense in the league. How many teams do you know that have a fourth Dman like Francois Beauchemin, who would be a number one on most teams? With the forwards anchored by Perry and Getz, this team will be a force before the end of the season.


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January 6, 2008 6:31 PM ET | Delete
Wow, that was more insightful than what Doug Stohlhand usually comes up with. Props to you man and welcome to Anaheim =) !!!
January 6, 2008 8:18 PM ET | Delete
I watched the ucks on Dec 30th in Vancouver. I was not impressed by there forwards at all. They had a good core of forwards, but lost Lupul to get Pronger. They then lost Teemu and Penner in the off season. Bertuzzi isn't the same since the Moore incident, Perry and Getzlaff are gtreat players, but the only 2 bona fide scorers in the line up. Those are My thoughts not yours God Bless Joe Sports
January 6, 2008 9:04 PM ET | Delete
At least the Ducks have a Cup. Where's Vancouver's??? Oh wait... they still ain't got one =P
January 6, 2008 11:30 PM ET | Delete
If we can get going against the Ducks we could............well we dont know cause we cant get it going against the Ducks! Nice write up buddy, great work.
January 7, 2008 12:47 AM ET | Delete
I watched the Ducks in Vancouver, never said I was a Canucks fan.
January 7, 2008 2:08 AM ET | Delete
Then why the hell were you there?
January 7, 2008 12:29 PM ET | Delete
I would add the Checking Line to your list of Cogs. With out them (and in particular Sammy Pahlsson) the Ducks never could have won the Stanley Cup. They provide an invaluable defensive blanket, and also were able to snipe a lot of goals at the expense of the other team's top lines. Great Blog!
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