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The NHL again had to deal with one of its wayward sons this week. Poor Mr. Jarkko Ruutu tried to break his fast by chomping on Mr. Andrew Peters’ hand. For some reason, Mr. Peters put his hand in Ruutu mouth. I never thought the NHL would have to deal with the issue of cannibalism. I know, I am making light, but in reality I am too embarrassed to admit I am a hockey fan. The fact that Ruutu got two games for biting made me wonder how they came to that number. Well, to my astonishment, this was not the only incident of biting. That’s right, this has happened before. Ruutu, being a repeat offender (not of biting but of having another suspension) got the two games instead of one game.

What really bothers me is the fact there seems to be a lot of acts of random violence or infractions. This of course gets all sort of play in the media again, making the NHL look like a bunch of misfits. If the NHL wants to improve its image, somehow the players are going to have to get together and stop the insanity.


Canada defeated Kazakhstan 15-0 in the World Junior Championships. In reality, what is the point? I really felt sorry for Kazakhstan, but as I later found out, ties in the division are worked out by goals differential. The other scores I can remember well, in round robin play Kazakhstan lost to USA 12-0, Germany 9-0, and the Czech Rep 10-2. You know that saying: “It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.” Well, I think poor old Kazakhstan would question that right now.


I just wanted to congratulate the Canadian Juniors in their fifth straight championship in the world juniors played in Ottawa, Ontario. Let me tell you, the hockey played there was the best I have seen, including a classic game between Canada and Russia, which was won by the Canadians in a shootout. The game will be remembered talent and a wonderful show of skills; the NHL should be very excited for the new group of talent coming up.

Until next time take care.

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Ruutu Bites! Sorry, had to do it...
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