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Defining of a Hockey Hero

I thought I would write my next blog on hockey heroes. First, I would like to define hero. I asked some of my friends to pick their hockey hero and tell me why they picked that person. So let’s find out who my friends picked and why.

Jimmer and CaptPantalones both picked Pat Lafontaine. He shows what it’s like to be a leader, teammate, and is great in the community. He just always showed great class and respect for even the smallest fan.

EricEngels and nyghtflyer both picked Saku Koivu. When Koivu got sick and then came back in the same season, he forever touched all of our hearts. He exemplifies grit, determination, skill, deceptive quickness, heart, composure, and professionalism; one of the top ten smartest players with the puck in. The standing ovation that he got when came back from the Ottawa vs Montreal game was outstanding. If anyone wants to read a powerful blog, please reads Eric‘s blog on Koivu: http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=6802

Beleafer picked Lanny Macdonald. Lanny never gave up. This seems to be a trait common to Canadian hockey players. Lanny won a Stanley cup in Calgary.

Tkc picked Cammi Granato and Hayley Wickenheiser. Cammi, who has been with the US women's national team program since its inception, is the leading scorer in the history of the national team. Hayley the first female to ever score a point in a professional hockey league.

Daniel Tolensky picked #99 Gretzky for unbelievable vision and hockey sense – Gretzky understood the game better than anyone, practiced non-stop to become better than anyone, and used his teammates better than anyone.

Greenie's biggest hero is Lucky Luc; he was a model of greatness on the ice and off.

Scoop and JS picked Bobby Clark. He made every player around him better, owing to his unrelenting desire to win. He was the epitome of a warrior, overcoming diabetes.

Marchman76 chose Joe Sakic, because not only is he Marchman's favourite player, but he has been with one team and one organization and has shown leadership though the years.

Bluesfan44's hero is Bret Hull, a great goal Scorer and leader.

Patrick Hoffman picks Mike Richter. He says that besides having been one of the greatest Rangers of all time, Richter was an outstanding human being.

Teddy and Vetts both Picked Bobby Orr Because he is the best dman to ever play in the NHL.. He was the greatest on the Ice and as classy as they come off it. He was a player that always had time for the fans and to this day is still one of the best ambassadors the sport .

Now who is my hockey hero? I have quite a few, but I think the one I love the most is Hakin Looooooooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. He scored 50 goals and won a cup, but most of all, he always treated the city and its fans like we were special. You could really tell he loved his time here in Calgary.

So what have I learned about heroes through my friends? I have learned that a hero is a leader; a kind, outstanding person; a pioneer; a knowledgeable person; someone who makes everyone around him a better person; someone who desires to accomplish a goal, believing in himself, knowing he can do anything with a positive attitude; and someone involved in his community.

You want to know a little secret? Each one of those qualities that my friends found in their hockey heroes, they have in themselves. In order for you to recognize these qualities in other people, you must have them in yourself. You see, my point is that we can each be a hero in some way or another. Ah, the important things in life!

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