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Dallas Stars are my next team on my tour. It use to be when I hear the Stars that this is Mike Modano team. But no longer can you say that. The Stars have more talent than Modano including a star goalie. So what makes the Stars a playoff contender or even a cup contender?

For this blog I would like to let you know why I like this team or should I say who I feel are biggest keys to the success. The Stars strength is their veterans, there very talented and savvy, and smart. They may not be the fastest skaters but they will find a way to be successful.


Zubov is on his way to second best season in his prestigious career his best being in 93-94 in which he had 89 points. Sergei is a terrific puck moving defenseman, who is excellent power play quarterback. Zubov has a terrific show from the blue line, that is surprisingly hard and very accurate. What makes Sergei so good is his passing, he makes pin point passes which will quite often get the Stars out of their own end and out of danger. Segei is terrific at shoot outs is usually the 2nd shooter has great success in scoring making the Stars most successful team in the Shootout.


Has become a totally different player since he was traded to the Stars from the Habs, he has become an established leader. Offensively gifted center that skate like the wind, he is a great playmaking center. He is on pace for a career year with 22 goals and 26 assist for 48 points. He only had 59 points last season which means he should easily beat last year pace. So what has made Mike such more improved player in Dallas, I think it his hard work and his more discipline play in his own zone. He also seems to be more of a mature and smart player in Dallas not making the mistakes he did in Montreal.


Benden is the pure heart and soul of this team is the leader of the team. If there is a goal to be had or defensive play they have no need to look any further then Mr. Morrow. He is on the ice when there protecting a lead, and when they are trying to tie the game. He is on the ice killing penalties, or on the power play. What is my point he is on the ice for every situation in the game. His nickname should be Mr. Clutch who leads by example and by his heart. Brenden is a tremendous captain who is leading the Stars in every part of the game and will be for many year to come.


Marty is one of the best goalies who is western allstar. Marty makes the save that the team needs him to. Marty will not let in next goal he will hold the Stars in every game giving them a chance to win every game. Marty has a great glove hand and terrific reflexes. Turco is in the top 5 goalies in the NHL and has for many years. What makes him more terrific this season is the Stars have capable back up which means he will be more rested come playoff time.


The Stars will be a playoff contender; the problem is they are in the best division in the league playing the Ducks and the Sharks. I do believe they will make the playoffs without much of a problem and are capable beating anyone on any given night. A series contender this season great team with some great talent.


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