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Today I am doing another part of the Flames Questions. Here are the answers from Brad Windsor, a very good blogger from Myhockeybuzz, who follows the Flames:

Which area do we fix first? You have 3 options

A. Coach - Do we need to send Coach Sutter on his way? Is the system the problem?

B. First Line Centre for Iggy - Do we need a Centre for Iggy? Would he succeed with a big name Centre?

C. Defense - Do the Flames bring in a new defender? Or have they fixed it with this new defender.

Maybe I missed the one of the options; do you see something that needs to be fixed above these?

I believe ownership is probably looking to Brent Sutter at this point. However, I do think his system is effective. A true first line center, regardless of who he plays with, is always a great move. Easier said than done, though. I think with the depth of defense in the organization, that the defense is good enough.

I really wished we could have grabbed a first line centre; but because of the Cap, our hands are full. You're right about the ownership looking to Brent at this time. They have confidence in the Sutters. The defence is good enough, I think. the coaching will have to be better for the defence to get any better.

Question 2: Is the latest trade that the Flames did with the Hurricanes just a lateral move? Meaning, does it really do nothing? Or does this set up a bigger move?

The trade accomplisehd 2 things in favour of the Flames. They added size; wehre White was small. And it reduced Cap. Babchuk is a liability in his own end, but no more than White, as evidenced by his minus 10 at the time of the trade.

Question 3: We have all heard the Iginla rumors. The latest is that he's going to LA. That has been debunked by TSN (Mackenzie). My question is: Does Iginla end his career with the Flames?

In all likelihood, probably not. The reality is that Iginla's staying here rests with how competitive the team is. If they're still 14th by deadline, the offers will come.

Question 4: Let's stay with Iginla: Do we keep him or trade him? If you pick trade; what do you want in return for the Captain?

I actually wrote a blog about where the conversations would start for Iginla. If the right offer comes, and the Flames are out of the playoffs then there is a minimum you would want. A first round pick and a blue chip prospect are starting points. With L.A. it was Schenn, for example.

I have heard every rumor in town. Where there is smoke, there is fire. I agree with you about the playoffs being the key here. As long as the Flames remain in the hunt, Iggy is going to stay.

Finally, Question 5: How much blame does Daryl deserve here? Do we fire him? Put him as Vice-President and keep Jay as the full-time GM? Or is it status quo: make no changes?

Well, he's already a V.P. But you have to assume Feaster will at some point transition into that role. Darryl Sutter has made a lot of great moves, but the bad ones were really bad. He's the general manager, and I think he is not only to blame, but would tell you he is responsible in the end. This year will be his last year in this role if the Flames miss the post-season.

A good point on the assumption Feaster did not come here to be assistant forever. Sooner or later, someone has to pay the piper as they say.

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