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Okay I normally don't pay much attention to what my Government does but this is nonsense come on Shane Doan had done nothing but represent his Country. It was proven that Shane Doan did not say the slur. It also happened two years ago Please lets email our MLA's and tell them on how we feel about waisting time and money, this has to be stopped Government has to know their place and and let them know how we feel come on Candians hockey fans lets show our pride and put our voice into action.

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May 3, 2007 11:55 AM ET | Delete
I am seething over this...The Government should be ashamed at trudging up a 2 year old incident where Doan was cleared, was P. O.ed enough about the false allegations to sue an MP over his comments. I'm half french, and I'm not angry at Doan. I am angry at the Government for (as you said) wasting time and our tax dollars on a comittee over something this stupid...
May 3, 2007 1:20 PM ET | Delete
couldn't agree with you more man you think our government would have better things to do with their time
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