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When I found out about the move that versus made last night it made me wonder if the NHL wants this game to flourish in the States. I have often heard that the NHL is a regional game and not national game in the USA, and they should stay that way. Well I am wondering if the NHL is marketing to be a regional sport.

They have their awards show and half the people can't watch it live in Canada and no one in the States. Wouldn't be nice when you show off your best players that maybe someone is there watching it while they receive the reward? How many people in BC got to watch the show live? not to many unless they have a dish now is that right? What people in BC not as important as people in the Eastern Canada? Now I know what CBC is going to say they want the show on in prime time for all of its viewers but tell me how many people in BC or Alberta or the United States sat and watch the show on Delay? when they knew who won before the telecast had started. The NHL should explain to its broadcaster partners that they need to help them not hinder them or in other words if not going to help get out of the way. Really the was the NHL happy with NBC decision to drop the over time? Well that is exactly what there saying by not saying a word to NBC silence is golden. Versus changing it policy by putting the awards on tape delay was choice that hinders the NHL. How can the NHL promote its game by putting its award show three hours after its over? How many people watched it on Thursday night in the states or Western Canada?

The NHL wants to be fan friendly have they done that in the last little while? How can they be happy with the decision, their broadcast partners have made in the last little while? If you want people to watch then don't try to stop them from watching note to the NHL don't bite the hands that feed you please. I guess they do want people to forget them instead of watching them.

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June 15, 2007 3:34 PM ET | Delete
I was so upset I missed MacLean's joke about Balsillie buying the theatre and the cut to Bettman's face of rage....When me and BillCanuck buy a team and move it to our pools, well, the NHL will see.
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