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somthing off my chest

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I noticed as a fan blogger now I have never really laid up on my bashing of the flames. Well that is plain wrong how can I really seriously consider myself a fan of the league if all I do is bash the home team I live in.

Well that is ending today I want to make sure that I am a fan of the NHL which includes well the Flames last time I looked were in the NHL. My son once told me how can I say those things about people I know, or should I say have met. Shook their hands had conversations with them and had them signed my poster my son’s shirt my sons hockey helmet. Really I am no angel, but really in reality I have been a jerk and you know what I am going to try to fix that now.

The Flames are my home team without having them here in Calgary I am not sure I could be as big of a fan of hockey as I am without them. I love this city and yes I do love the flames, I may not act like it but I do. My son taught me how to be a fan, love your team no matter what if they lose or win. He is right the Flames are my home team I bleed red and white, I can’t deny that, the Flames mean everything to this city and they bend over backwards to help this city.

Each one of those players, help the fans they bend over backwards to help them. When I met every flame player, they have gone out of there way to say hello to me and my son. I am proud that my son considers the Flames players as friends and idols. He loves Kipper Iggy, Warner, Tangs Juice to name just a few. You know why because he has met them all. You see in order for my son to like someone he has to know them in his heart he does. He celebrates with them when they win, commiserates with them when they lose. He for crying out loud has three Flames Sweaters, (more if his cheap dad would buy them) not to mention his many flames sweat shirts. He has the kipper stance in net down pat and does a great imitation of him. Do you know what is the most important thing about my son he supports his team, and more important he feels his friends.. What better virtue can I teach my son than that?

I was a huge Leaf fan growing up in hockey the flames were not in the NHL. I grew up in the Daryl Sittler era with Lanny was in a leaf jersey. I really did not become a Flame fan until Lanny was traded to the Flames from Colorado Rockies. The trade basically was Don Leaver and Bob Macmillen for Lanny.

The other deal , that comes to mind is the John Tonneli trade I hate loosing Steve Konroyd in the deal but I remember grabbing John who will really help our team because of his cup rings with the Islanders.

My favorite Flame was Hakan Loob I remember being upset that he went back to Sweden because of family reasons, but I understood. The year he scored 50 goals, the Flames were a power house but again failed come playoff time. The Flames were continuous playoff disappointments, for many years it was hard to keep a flame fan. I would be excited about the flames, thinking this will be the year and having them disappoint me again.

The year of 88-89 I remember thinking I can’t get to excited because the Flames let me down year after year. When they finally won the Stanley Cup I could finally exhale. You have to understand the Flames fans were still nervous about the year being the best team in the NHL during the regular season and being ousted in the Playoffs. I remember going out in the neighborhood and talking with the other Flames fans and how it felt to be Stanley Cup champions.

You have to understand since I joined hockey buzz, I have learned to write, become a better father , friend and as whole a better person. Now I am taking what my next step in life and that is well a better fan.


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January 17, 2008 10:10 AM ET | Delete
Nice work FLAMESTR. Kids certainly have a way of making you examine everything you think, feel, and the way you represent yourself don't they? Well said.
January 17, 2008 10:53 AM ET | Delete
Good Stuff Flamestr. I am happy to call you a friend.
January 17, 2008 12:23 PM ET | Delete
I like it Str. Once again you have proved to us just how good you at your Bloggs. a real tear jerker Str. Awesome Buddy.
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