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Calgary, AB • Canada • 55 Years Old • Male

When I started watching the game I began to slip and began to get stressed so my wife told me to go for a walk and forget the game. So I put on my coat and went for a walk, while I was walking our beautiful streets of Calgary , I over heard some body swear when Detroit scored there second goal I was walking in a back alley and notice some father playing hockey with his son and I realized a choice could be made swearing or having fun with my family. So I chose being happy with my family so I went home and watch the Movie Mighty Ducks 3 on our new LCD TV which my wife bought me which makes very happy. So I learned a lesson today that if I don't concentrate on the things that are important in LIfe I will be a very unhappy man.

So tonight I get to watch my first game on the LCD if I chose or I could watch the hitman game. Only enjoy the game of hockey like its meant to be and be stress about on whether who is going to win or not. Because Hockey is meant to enjoy not to be stressed over. Not saying not to care but realize that it is a game enjoy a great goal by heatly or maybe a great save by Brodure for what it is the moment frozed in time. I have heard or seen people saying what went wrong they blame the players or blame the coach no one just sits back and realizes that there is a winner or loser. Sometimes there is just a better team nothing more nothing less. Hockey is a wonderful game meant for people to enjoy its simplicity . It does not have to be hard just plain and simple . Calgary lost today they were beaten by a better team the wings so please why are bashing each other over a game, for crying out loud because I pulled for the flames does not make me a worse person than a red wing fan lets treat each other with respect please and remember it just a game meant for entertainment purpose and you know what is wrong with that

Now I do no mean to be a preacher but I do mean this I love hockey so I am going to enjoy these playoffs like there meant to be. Enjoying every save and hit goal and what ever happens. Enjoying the game for its statagy and playing, and of course I would enjoy a candian Champion whether it be ott or Van but it they don't win who cares just sit back and watch it like it what it meant to be. Oh by the way its going to be another over time game between Dalas and Van who is going to win well that's why we have to watch for the pure enjoyment of watching the game. Ah what is really Important in Life.

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