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This off season has been and interesting off season and a predictable one, Sutter never waits till the last second to get things done. Well for instance his top forwards had only one year left , what does he do does he leave that until the last minute no he does it a year a head of time. Iggy locked up for five years 35 mil not only does he get done early he does it so he can have room to sign more players. Which is a credit to Mr Sutter and of course the MVF on the team Iggy. By the MVF = Most Valuable Forward. The next big move was getting Mr Regehr to sign for 20 mil for 5 years . Robin took a huge pay cut to stay which says a lot about Regehr Character that the dough is not always the most important which is nice to see a player take the city or the team above the money. Sutter has done a masterful job at locking up there future. Oh by the way Sutter has not forgotten that other player some goalie Named Kipper in which Sutter replied he will wait to get that done in person Sutter is a one on one person. Which does not leave anything to chance . Two to more players are ufa after next season Langkow and Huselius which Sutter has to decide his options there. Langkow and Huselius were key factors last season for the Flames.

Sutter also locked Lombardi the fastest skater who had his best year 20 goals and 26 Assist last year Matt is probably one of the fastest skaters in the league who showed what he is capable of doing. He also sign Marcus Nilson a move that
shows that players who know there roles can be rewarded to.


Owen Nolan

Sutter has wanted him for some time taking a huge gamble on Nolan who did not play for two seasons before last season. Nolan began to show his true self at the end of the season 16 goals and 24 assist with Pho but maybe the most impressive stat on Nolan was he was only a minus 2. Time will tell on whether this pays off.

Cory Sarich

I don't seem to know to much about him but from his stats he is stay home dman who is big knows how to hit and kill penalties something Calgary is desperate to improve this season

Andres Eriksson

A pure depth move although being a plus 12 on a Blue Jacket team is pretty impresive also

Grant Stevenson

Seems to a minor prospect used to reload for the depth on the Farm.

How do I know how Sutter does it really depends if the can resighn Kipper and knowing Sutter he will. But he has to mostly because of the improvements the Avs have made. Calgary has to learn to win and want to win something they didn't do last year, will they I don't know but time will tell.

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