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Nothing bothers me more when people unmercifully belittle someone. Don't get me wrong; as a fan, you have the right to voice your opinion towards the players. But to me, there should be a limit to the continuous slamming of Mr. McCabe. I don't mind people stating whether they like him or not. But attacking him or his family is just plain wrong.

I can hear the Maple Leafs fans running all over my face right now because of my opinion of McCabe. Yes, I think that the Leafs need to trade him. But, consider this please before you jump all over him: he owes the Maple Leafs nothing. All he is doing is exercising his right to use the NTC clause in his contract.

Hey people, stop being mad at McCabe, he is only exercising the right that he was given in his contract. If you must be mad at someone, be mad at the Leafs for giving it to him. McCabe has done nothing wrong and should not be treated like he has. Bear with me for a second. What exactly has he done wrong? All he has done is use the clause given to him in the contract.

I often hear fans and media getting mad at a player. Well, this time the team has to live up to its contract. Benching him until he waives? For what purpose? You think you are going to have players jumping up and down to come to a team that does that? The Leafs are going to be careful how they handle this, because I can tell you this: other players are going to be watching very carefully.

They still have to come across as still nice to play for. The mystique of wearing a Leaf can only carry so far. As GM, you have to be careful how you do things. Quite often, the personal relations work is important. I loathe the idea of Leafs benching McCabe until he gives in. I feel that's just as bad as a player not coming in until they renegotiate a new contract. Don’t teams have to live up to their contract as much as the player does?

The rights of the management have not been violated. At the meeting, was there some evil force holding a gun to their heads when they offered a lucrative contract to McCabe. What -- were they hoodwinked into signing it? Maybe it is because they are incapable of running a business and were taken advantage of? No one made them offer this contract, they have to honor it. I am sorry, but I have no sympathy for the Leafs.

So my poll question to my friends was: Why would McCabe want to waive his no trade clause?


"I just don't see why McCabe would want to be on a team that wants to trade him all the time. If I was him, I would give the Leafs a list of teams that I would go to."


That is a great point. Why would anyone want to stay where they are not wanted? Why put up with the grief of booing fans and a team that does not want your services? A great comment by Lukas


"McCabe can help decide his own destiny by agreeing to a trade and choosing his destination. It has been written that he might accept a trade to the Islanders, as he has a residence there. McCabe should waive the NTC to make his own destiny. Why wait around and let TML decide for him? They can buy him out. I think it is clear that the team wants to move on without him. McCabe must learn that as hurtful as that may be, take the high road, accept a trade to a team that he wants and be done with it."


Everyone loves to control their own life. We all want to be happy and enjoy our work and where we live, to make a niche in life. A great comment by Larry.

Alex (part 1)

"My thoughts on McCabe are as follows: I am not one of those guys who bashes McCabe. I feel he will be a huge addition to any team he plays on.

My thoughts on the McCabe situation is based more upon the situation with the fans last year. I think hearing Toronto fans booing a player like McCabe will be a distraction all year long on a team that is trying to start over. We will be playing youth and hoping to develop kids.....having them see fans turn on a player like McCabe will be counter-productive to the team. For those of you saying that he will not be booed, think about Larry Murphy."


Does Bryan really want to be a distraction and a hindrance to the team, or more importantly, to himself? Does Brian really want the pressure of everyone looking at him constantly? Would his play not suffer in the long run? Great comment by Alex.

Alex (part 2)

"I also think that the Leafs need to get rid of the country club attitudes of last year. What I mean by that is, why would a key player like McCabe want to play for a rebuilding team that will have no chance at the playoffs? The reason is because he has become too comfortable. He needs to play in a situation where hockey matters....where the playoffs are a definite possibility. If he has lost the desire for that, then he should retire. Players that are comfortable are no longer welcome on the team I cheer for."


Everyone wants the Cup, why wouldn’t McCabe want to play for a contender? Why not play for the Cup? Is that not every players dream? Thanks again, Alex.


"This question really has no simple answer, for every player has a different situation and lives a different life outside of hockey. Bryan negotiated his NMC under good terms with previous Leafs GM John Ferguson Jr, so to be honest I don't believe he has to waive anything. However, if I were him, I would. I'd waive it under the condition Cliff Fletcher would be able to trade me to a team I want to play for or a city I want to live in. Immediately, Long Island comes to mind because his wife is from there, and they live there, not in Toronto, during the off-season. That is absolutely the best-case scenario, but when is the last time the Leafs had a story with a fairy-tale ending?

Why be somewhere you're not wanted? It's like the fat kid at school who gets picked on because of his size: Why would he go sit at the "cool" table to be picked on some more? If McCabe does not waive his NMC, he will become the fat kid and get picked on by millions of Leaf Nation followers daily."


Again, I completely agree with you. Bryan did negotiate with the Leafs in good faith. He does not have to waive. That being said, he does not want to stay where he is not wanted. He should at least have the say on where he goes. Great comment, Gagan.


I purposely asked my friends to answer the question from McCabe's point of view. I think we should never judge until we walk a mile in a man's shoes. I am not saying that we can't boo the players, but I just think that sometimes we forget their rights at times. Keep that in mind when you start attacking their heritage or family.

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July 15, 2008 10:14 PM ET | Delete
Wow, very long but also very informative. Best part of the article was your last sentence. Summed everything up nicely.
July 15, 2008 10:20 PM ET | Delete
thanks sis that is exactly why I wanted to post this blog Its not my best work but it has the message I wanted to post
July 15, 2008 10:51 PM ET | Delete
Your point of view, is exactly like mine. McCabe did nothing wrong, who would refuse a enormous contract with a NTC? No one! Yes, I can agree with Leafs Fans that McCabe played under the expectations, but...does Bryan McCabe still have his place in the Leafs lineup? Absolutely, this guy can play decent hockey to be a top 6 defenseman(if not a top 4) and he is deadly on the PP. Stop bashing McCabe...the guy did nothing wrong!
July 16, 2008 12:04 AM ET | Delete
100% agree its not the players fault for agreeing to the terms of the contract offered.
July 16, 2008 7:15 AM ET | Delete
I think we often wish teams and players would do the right thing by each other, but often it becomes an issue of wanting to be right at all costs. If you forget the human factor in your dealings as a player or team, you've already lost your argument.
July 16, 2008 8:04 AM ET | Delete
The Leafs aren't violating his contract by refusing to play him (unless ice time is specified in the contract), as long as they continue to pay him they are fulfilling their end of the bargain. If he manages to make the lineup on opening day, it'll be as if Larry Murphy is back in town (not saying that is right). For the sake of his career he should stop listening to those union hacks and give Cliff a list of teams, otherwise his career is going to end in misery.
July 16, 2008 9:33 AM ET | Delete
Good insight and great thoughts to consider. There are multiple points of view to this situation and I imagine it will be resolved before too long. Good blog Flamestr.
July 16, 2008 10:31 AM ET | Delete
McCabe is terrible...I wouldnt even want him on my team for 2.5 per year...How many times does McCabe have a brain fart and give away the puck? Easy.... Too many times. Then the other team scores and it breaks the back of the Leafs. I am getting sick of his giveaways that lead to goals...Watch youtube and alot of the time it looks like he is playing for the other team. McCabe is gonna get booed out of town and I will be there front and center leading the way. He should just tell Fletcher where he would go or this is going to be a long and unpleasent season for Mr. Giveaway. Fletcher has already said that he has 8 defencemen for the upcoming season and McCabe isnt in those plans. I cant wait to Larry Murphy his ass! I would rather overpay Jeff Finger than give Bryan McCabe another dime. I hope they bench him until he asks for a trade. Your not wanted in Toronto anymore McCabe, just do the right thing for you, your family and your career and just hit the bricks bud! Look forward to booing you all year!
July 16, 2008 11:20 AM ET | Delete
The only thing that makes me happier than a miserable Oiler fan iis an equally miserable Leaf fan.
July 16, 2008 12:01 PM ET | Delete
Hey Steve: All Leaf fans are miseable!!! Wouldn't you be? Bryan McKlutz had one good year and is a one dimension Dman( shot ) He couldn't check his coat since they changed the rules and there hasn't been a goal scored on the Leafs that was ever his fault( just watch his facial expression and body language) well maybe the one in OT against the Sabres last year. Thanks Bryan. But all that aside, his family should not be attacked in any way and should be left out of it. Also, he has a new coach to impress and hey, ya never no. Even Carl Brewer made a comeback!
July 16, 2008 12:12 PM ET | Delete
Nice post there. While I've always been in Caber's corner, I'm thinking it would be best for all involved to part company at this point, but would I be heartbroken if he got traded away? No. If he prefers to stay with a team that is obviously trying to move in a different direction without him, so be it. He's not perfect, but I'm sure he's not trying to play poorly. If he's a member of the Leafs in 08-09 I'll certainly root for him just as any other player on the team. I'd rather he accept a trade, but the ball, as they say, is in his court.
July 16, 2008 2:33 PM ET | Delete
There's a reason the G.M. was fired and McCabe's contract was one of them, then to make it all better they sign Finger for an enormous amount of money. Will Washington pay the price with Greene the same way?? We'll find out but if I"m McCabe and hearing everyone tell me how much I don't deserve what I get and telling me I suck... well that should be motivation to take some power skating lessons from the coaches and work with the stay at home guys to be more well rounded. If he shows no interest in getting better than I don't blame leaf fans for hating on him for not going. Why play for the team if your heart's not in it? Because it's a gauranteed contract? He has every right to excersize not leaving because it's written down but the coach can sit him for being poor on the ice and shouldn't face critisizm for that either.
July 16, 2008 7:05 PM ET | Delete
I hate NMC and NTC in contracts....The player who gets them is a lucky man... McCabe is not going anywhere....You should be booing the owners for giving him a NTC. Great Blog Flames!!!
July 16, 2008 9:51 PM ET | Delete
Points to note: McCabe has not been benched or told to stay home, reporters keep suggesting that it may happen, but Fletcher has so far dealt in good faith. Howard Berger seems to keep bringing it up on Hockey Buzz, but Fletcher so far seems to me to have been avoiding the public bashing that some few fans and media have been employing.Second point: As a media generated campaign to get a guy to leave, it's been done before, in other cities with similar results - Emery, Yashin in Ottawa, Brisebois, Samsonov, and many others in Montreal - in fact, till last season, it looked like Kovalev would be the next player chased out of town. It's wrong to do, but the fans are allowed to be critical of on-ice play...with Mcabe, he made the contract signing tough compared to other players and played hard-ball to get the big contract. While I have all the sympathy in the world for McCabe - and consider him the second best d-man in Toronto, he was no rookie when he signed the big contract, and even a rookie should have known that a "No-Movement Clause" rather than a simple no-trade deal was going to make motivation a huge problem and possibly push management into new territory to meet the salary cap restraints or ice a team with a new look. McCabe pushing for the crazy contract clauses WAS a Business decision, Telling the Media in a statement that McCabe expected the Leafs to buy him out if they wanted him to accept any change in role or location is ALSO a business decision, For Toronto to decide that buying out McCabe to make room for other players is not feasible, would be a business decision too. If the coach decides that he wants to give McCabe less ice time and play his young players in a rebuilding year - That would be a hockey decision - with possible business repercussions - ONLY IF McCabe chose to make it so. He gets his money to play hockey - not to run the Leafs - and that is where there would be a problem. So far, that has not happened, and ALL of this speculation feeding the flames is simply trying to create a crisis where one does not exist. Wilson may well want to use McCabe more than the last coach, or less, but that is what HE is paid to do. Not McCabe, nor Howard Berger, nor Glenn Healy.
July 17, 2008 5:43 PM ET | Delete
I have no doubt that the Leafs won't sit Mccabe but My point is I all for his right not to waive. I still think very strongly that fans sometime cross that line on abuse
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