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I have heard it said that players need to give the fans proper respect, while this is true but what comes to mind is a double edge sword, meaning don't the players deserve the same respect. Now don't get me wrong the fans have a right to call how it is if a player makes a mistake call him on it. But what his nationality or I Q or his up bringing have anything to do with his play. We as fans have draw a line keep to the point and not personal, we as fans want to be treated one way yet we treat the players another way is that not a little hypocritical I think we as fans here in my hockeybuzz need to set a good example to fans as fathers to sons. Now in my case I have met 90% of the Calgary Flames have chatted with them have their autographs, and with one of the players consider him a family friend. And yet I will sit and watch and scream at them yell at them and call them every name in the book except the one am I not a hypocrite ? Because if the players did that to the fans there would a uproar sanctions even demanded of this player yet there is no accountability for the fans. I am not saying we can't mad at the players that would rather useless of me to say but I am saying do we demoralize and destroy them because they made a mistake. Now think of it wonder if you had a job where when you made a mistake and were pointed out and brought up to everyone how stupid you how many of you would stay. We are all adults here lets try not to so hard on the players, they are human no how much put them up to a pedestal. Now I am going to make a goal when the Flames lose tomorrow or should if they lose tomorrow I am not going to attack their home land their IQ or them I am going to try to understand that sometimes games just don't turn out for the best.

Now it is time for me put up or shut up there is on Player which I must make an public apology personally to that is to the Calgary Flame d-man Brad Stuart, he was traded from Boston Andrew Ferrance who happened to be one of my Favorite Players, and I held him accountable for Ferrance being traded. Every time he made a mistake I would tell everyone about it and made sure they knew who made the bad player but I would like to personally call myself on it I just wish I could get Brad Stuart to read this and tell how bad I feel about what I said. Because there is no reason to destroy and dismantle people. I implore us as hockey ambassadors to the game to treat the players as we want to treat them, its only fair. And Brad Stuart if you are reading this I will promise you I will do better because it's the right thing to do. For you fans I will make sure my wife reads this to my son, so he know what kind of goal I am trying to reach here in being a new fan.

Now I would like to take this time to offer Mr Eklund my gratitude for his kind words and also Scoop who has become a very good friend and I am proud to consider them both very good friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to both of them.

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April 14, 2007 10:47 PM ET | Delete
Aww Flamestr when the Flames loose come on give them a fighting chance. Nope you are right there should be a line sometimes that is a hard thing to do when you are loosing so badly. I will try better at your request.
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