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If you do the crime . . .

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So “Mr. Cherry versus the pukes, eh?” is the main story this week as I start my column off.  I have a couple of comments here. First of all, the players deny saying what Cherry said they did.  Plus, in my opinion, fighting has not been the problem with the NHL.  The fighting issue has taken a second seat to head shots.  So far as I am concerned, Cherry's comments on fighting really don't concern me as much as the hits to the head. I really don't get why players refuse to let up on this issue.    Well, Don entertains me, but really, he has to be held accountable for the things he says.  If you do the crime, you must do the time, or in this case, pay the fine in a civil suit.

There is a new sheriff in town, and boy has he been a busy man.  Mr. Shanny has been calling everyone out on the carpet for there crimes.  There have been a lot of complaints from people saying the power has gone to his head. You know what I say? You know how when a disciplinarian is doing his job by the whining of his employees.  I love the work has done so far Shanny meting out  justice through the League. What I like about this is that the players are being held accountable for their stupidity.  The league has to keep these hits to the head under control. Shanny may have been a little overzealous in some of the penalties, but I would rather him err on the side of caution.  I applaud Shanny for his work, especially his video explanations.  The League gets an A for Shanny's work so far.  The players must do the time if they do the crime.

I wanted to address the issue of Arron Asham  vs  Jay  Beagle. I don't mind what happened in the fight itself -- Asham ko'ing Beagle; that happens sometimes in hockey. What I can't stand is the despicable act he pulled after the fight.   It was classless to put on the go-to-sleep act after the fight. Celebrating someone being down on the ice showed no respect on Asham's part.  I was impressed by his apology after what he did.  The cynic in me says he only did it to try save himself a suspension. His act does not deserve suspension, but it should deserve a fine. Again, if you do the crime, you do the time or pay the fine.

Fan Poll

Today's fan poll is on all three issues I have discussed in the column.

1. Does Cherry owe the players something? Does he need to held accountable?
2. How do you rate the new Sheriff  Shanny? Is he doing a good job?
3. Does Asham deserve some kind of penalty for his despicable act?

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