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I thought that I would let people know what the Flames Players are like and why it means so much to me when some get traded .

The year after the lockout the flames had their preseason camp at the Don Hartman arena instead of the Dome. My son and I decided that we would go down to watch them play, and to get some autographs. There is a lot of stories that I could tell you about Dougstr meeting the players, But there is one story that still means a lot to me.

It was when we met Iggy was pretty much a mob of kids meeting him and so he was patiently signing all the people autographs. Well my son was in that scrum, when it was done we were happy to get his autograph. The first day we forgot to bring a pen and paper, so we borrowed the pen and paper So he was pretty much the only signature that we got. Well the next day we dropped Pam off early to work and again went to the arena this time with whole bunch of paper and were pretty much prepared. But what happened next would mean a lot to my son a moment he would never forget. We arrived at the arena when some of the fans saw us and told us to get the paper, there it was my son was on the front page of the herald getting iggys autograph. So I called my wife my and she went out and got to many copies to count . We were patiently waiting ( well probably not ) for iggy's practice to be done for he had the early practice that morning , well bunch of people were waiting in the hall way to to get his his signature, well he was on his way to the weight room when douglas and I kidnapped iggy, he was in hurry to get to the weight room but when stopped and looked at the paper he stopped for a few minutes and talked to douglas and myself and really made a big deal about it. He made sure that he made eye contact with my son, and talked to him for a few minutes. Now you may not think to much of this but my son was on cloud nine and his parents were on cloud 10 . At the end of conversation I thanked iggy and he smiled and said that he was glad to do it. But you know it meant so much to us, that he would stop and visit with us for few minutes and the fact that he knew how much it meant to us was just as important as him doing the autograph. We still have that paper and still consider a treasure. So yes it means something a little more to me when a Flame gets traded , not only to make sure we got the best of the trade but it's a little personal too it's like saying goodbye to a close friend. So please anyone that tells me that these players don't bend backwards for these fans let me tell you it's because they don't know them, they are husbands and fathers and decent human beings who care about their city and their fans, We have came to know that through our experiences of meeting the players. Ah what is really important in life.

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May 9, 2007 12:01 AM ET | Delete
Svveet Blog Flamestr. Mustv'e been kewl to see Iggy.
May 9, 2007 10:43 AM ET | Delete
That's really cool, Flames. You should take one of the papers and frame it with the paper with the signature. That way, Dougstr can hang it wherever he calls home in the future.I have heard quite a few stories like this about players.
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