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The goalies are changing addresses and some may be on their way out more as the Pens and Oil say "let's make a deal". Goalies switching teams as Mathieu Garon goes for Dany Sabourin, Ryan Stone, and a fourth round draft pick. An interesting move by the Oil, as they trade one of their goalies yet get one back from the Pens. I expect Danny's days as an Oiler are numbered.

In another interesting move, the Blue Jackets claim Dubielewicz off the Islanders. This is an interesting move to say the least? How long is Leclaire out then or is he on his way out? This move also begs the question: How close are the Blue Jackets and Senators rumors to coming to pass? I always get into rumors, never put much into this one, but it makes you wonder when the Blue Jackets claim a journeyman goalie like Dubielewicz if they're not up to something.


Meanwhile, in Calgary Mr. Daryl Sutter decided to come to aid to one of his players. Just not one of his Players, but the apparently fragile Dion Phaneuf. Not to make light of it, but in all fairness, he does make a major point about hockey being more important than just goals. It is nice see a General Manager stick up for somebody instead of slamming his play. I say good on ya Daryl.

The race in the West and East division playoffs seems to be going down to the wire. The other night was one of the best games I have ever seen this season happened in the Shark Tank between the Sharks and the Flames. The two teams exchanged scoring chances. It had everything: great goaltending, goals, and hits; everything you love about hockey. It was just really enjoyable watching a game without the dirty hitting, biting, and fighting. It was nice for a change to see an awesome game.


Everyone seems to be making a big major statement on fighting and dangers involved. Since the tragedy of the passing away of young Mr. Anderson, it has to put into perspective what is really important in life. A major concern is concussion syndrome, when the players have this brain fart and taking off their helmets. I guess they forget when they fight why they have a helmet on. I think guys just maybe it's for the protection of the head. Players have to start thinking that maybe this wrestling and flipping each over might not be all its cracked up to be (pun intended). I know I have really been a nag on this respect for the playe's thing, but seriously we have to get this fixed before more of theses tragedies become commonplace.
January 19, 2009 6:54 PM ET | Delete
Honestly it's the one thing about TSN...they just beat the current issue of the day to death. Last year it was skates cutting throts...now it's fighters craking their heads! I saw a hit in that ravens steelers game where i wasn't sure if either guy was walking away...one didn't...but hockey is violent? I've seen literally hundreds of fights and never once seen anyone mortally wounded, the worst was a broken jaw.I like the Dion thing, we need to get pronger here so the rest of the league just hates our guts hey? Like just have pronger and dion playing behind bertuzzi would confuse fans on who to boo first! hahah kidding... he's had a bad year for dion standards but will still be 3-6 in team scoring! That sharks game was the best i've seen in a while too I agree!
January 19, 2009 7:09 PM ET | Delete
I agree flamestr about the sharks-flames series . That was a very good series and probably nerve wrecking for fans of both teams
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