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Sharks No More Excuses

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I have been looking forward to doing this blog on the Sharks. Mark Freitas and Ryan Garner are very good friends from Hockey Buzz. I hope you don’t compare my blogs to those two awesome bloggers because it will make me look too bad!

The Sharks are a very puzzling team. I truly believe this team has all the talent to take it to the next level. The Sharks have the talent to compete with any team in the league. Their goaltender is among the best in the league. I have watched the Sharks a lot this season, simply because I thought they would be serious contenders.

The thing that I find the most puzzling about the Sharks is that they are taking too many games off. With the talent they have they contend for the cup this season. If they do not, there is something wrong. There should be no excuses with this team; success is vital; nothing else is acceptable.


Joe is probably one of the best centers in the game. Joe is a terrific playmaker, being able to set up plays on the fly. Thornton can think three or four plays ahead, meaning he is one of the smartest athletes in the league. Thorton is also a very strong player and is very hard to take off his feet. He is very under-rated in his defensive play; he is terrific in his defensive zone and often overlooked because of how good of an offensive player he is. In short, Joe is one of the top ten players in the league.


Milan is one of the fastest skaters on the Sharks. He has speed to burn. Milan has terrific potential; he has all the skill to be become a star. He has a terrific shot and is Mr. Clutch, scoring five game-winning goals. He has a great attitude, and sets an example for his teammates. I feel he will be a leader for many years to come as member of the Sharks.


Torrey has more heart than most veteran players. The more I watch this kid, the more I like his grit and his skill. He puts out 100% consistently. He is a fan favorite. He provides a huge momentum push every time he is on the ice. This is one of my favorite players on the Sharks; simply because he never gives up. He may be not the most physical player, but you can not doubt his heart. I am huge fan of this kid.


If he has not been voted the best goalie in the west division, he is darn close. He constantly keeps his team in the game. Evgeni has terrific reflexes, and is very mobile, which helps him stay in position for the shot.


I am not going to handle this with kid gloves. If the Sharks do not go far into the playoffs, it is huge disappointment. They have the talent, the problem is they do not seem to execute come playoffs. This year, there can be no more excuses, or Mr. Wilson will be out of work come next season. I doubt the Sharks fans will have to much more patience.


Look for the Sharks to grab a puck moving dman and maybe a top six forward. Paging Mr. Kaberle and Mr. Sundin!
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January 27, 2008 1:04 PM ET | Delete
Very nice Flame ! Great breakdown, you hit the most important aspect and that is the team has to meet expectations to silence the fans. This team has had a hard time showing up to play a full 6o minutes, but in fairness that does not include every player. In order for this team to be successful, they need to start playing passionate heart on your sleave hockey together. When they decide as a team they want it, they will get it! Great job buddy !
January 27, 2008 2:34 PM ET | Delete
Nice Blog!I agree with your overall assessment and if San Jose is an early exit in this years playoffs jobs will be lost. I love watching this team and I am hoping they can make it to the finals this year but like most teams in the league I think they could use some additional secondary scoring. The Sharks are a good team but they typically go as Joe does and if teams are able to simply lock on his line and shut him down they are in trouble. I think a player like Sundin would greatly impact this team and not only make Joe better, but perhaps take some pressure off Marleau and Cheech. Being a Sabres fan primarily I think Campbell would be a great fit in their system. If I am Doug Wilson I make runs at Sundin, Campbell and maybe one 3rd or 4th line forward that can score the odd goal. Maybe even Dumont or Erat? I think that if they could grab these players they will be playing for the Cup in a few months.
January 27, 2008 4:16 PM ET | Delete
Another great blog. Keep them up Buddy!!!!
January 27, 2008 5:38 PM ET | Delete
The way I see it if the Sharks can find their way out of this adversity and seemingly lack of intensity by the playoffs this team can be a juggernaut. Can it be done? I am not one to say. Just be wary of the Sharks, the sleeping giant.
January 28, 2008 12:59 PM ET | Delete
Great job FLAMESTR - we continue to wait for the Sharks don't we? I starting to get the feeling that this might be the year they put everything together at the right time of year and might be that steamrolling team come playoff time. If not - Ron Wilson would be and should be gone. He's had enough talent there for enough time.
January 28, 2008 11:27 PM ET | Delete
1st or 2nd round exit, and I think Ron Wilson should go. Torrey Mitchell = Clutch. Great blog!
January 29, 2008 12:45 PM ET | Delete
I like the idea of Sundin and Kaberle, or Campbell, but what do you have to give up to get them. Not Mitchell, but he would be high on anyone's list. Bernier is a name tossed about, but he provides forechecking which we need to keep. Seto and Couture are a risk with injury issues and Wishart should be untouchable. We have plenty of goalie depth (outside of a true NHL back-up), but untested. I'm not sure there is enough talent in the cupboard to draw any of these players, outside a Marleau or Cheech. But they are turning their games around. What a sad state of affairs if those two lead a charge for the Leafs into the playoffs. Not sad for the Leafs of course but sad for the Sharks if they explode with goals as they have in the past. We may have to settle for a puck moving defenseman and keep our fingers crossed that the recent play of the CAP'n and Cheech are a sign of things to come and not an aberation.
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