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When I think about life, I often take so many things for granted, including family. Our hearts go out to the Burke family. My heart aches for what they are going through. You know, sometimes when a team does not click, we as fans really seem to get very upset, we seem to forget what is really important in life.

We all got a hard lesson yesterday when the Burkes loss their son. You know the goals or wins or losses really don’t seem that important right now. I really cannot express the words to help them. One poem that comes to mind is Footprints in the Sand, a poem written by a wonderful lady, Mary Stevenson (Zangare). The poem is about man's conversation with the Lord. He questions the Lord when he does not see the Lord's footprints beside his in time of trouble or trials. Let me quote the Lord's answer “When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.” Maybe as hockey fans, we can carry the Burkes’. Maybe we cannot change what happened, but we can sure help carry the Burkes' load.

We need to remember what is really important. It's not the goals, it's not the assists, it is not the points in a hockey game, but the points in life. We often struggle in life, but we can make it through with the help of friends. So my heart and my hands are ready to help pick up the load, Mr. Burke. You are a great General Manger, but what you are first is a great father and husband. Nothing can take that away from you. May the knowledge that your son loved you be carry you in this time of your life.

What we can do is simply support him. Maybe remembering his love for son will help us love our children as much as he loved his. May the Lord bless you and your family, Mr. Burke.
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