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The next team on my league tour is the Black Hawks of Chicago. When I watch this team all I do is smile it is nice to see a team finally grow into a team. The Black Hawks fans deserve this and now its time for these fans to have fun. The Black Hawks time is now simply because they have the players to win and win now.

Seriously, there is no reason why this team can not make the playoffs; in fact, I can give you many reasons. The main thing that intrigues me about this team is that they don’t rely on one player.



Patrick is a very talented winger who is a very good passer. Patrick has great vision of the ice, which makes him a deadly passer. He may not have the hardest shot, but it is very accurate and deadly. Patrick is a candidate, if not finalist for the Calder Trophy. The thing that should bring a smile to the Black Hawks fan’s face is the fact he is going to be there for a long time


Anyone see the goal he scored against the Sharks? Because if you have, I can just move on to the next player. Johnathon is one of the best young forwards, who has more magic than David Copperfield. I am serious - he has moves that I did not think could be possible for a nineteen year old. This kid can do everything, and may very well battle with Patrick Kane for the Calder. He is silk skater, with a terrific shot. Even more impressive about Toews is the discipline that he has in his own end, and the maturity he has to keep him calm in pressure situations.


Patrick is penalty kill specialist. He is a great positional player. He seems to know the right place to be all the time. There is a good reason why he has the 5 short handed goals. It is because he is where he is supposed to be. Patrick is a great player to have in the dressing room. He has a knack of scoring the big goal when it is needed.


Martin, in my opinion, is probably the most talented player on the team. Martin can win a game all by himself; he has ability to carry this team by himself. What is really great about this is that he does not have to. Martin has the ability to go one from end to another with his agility to change directions on a thin dime. If he can stay healthy, he is capable of a hundred-point season. The problem is, he has been injury prone for the last few seasons. Which make makes me think it is really quite sad, because I think he is one of the elite players in this league.


The Hawks are a terrific young team, who will be very good for years to come. They have the potential to make a strong run in the playoffs. I have a hunch that they will get a hired gun at the deadline to get them that much closer.

December 3, 2007 10:14 AM ET | Delete
Good stuff as usual Flamestr. Don't forget Nik Khabibulin, who seems to have rediscovered his Tampa Bay form. Lalime has also been excellent in a reserve role. Dale Tallon has done an excellent job stockpiling young talent in the Windy City.
December 3, 2007 11:53 AM ET | Delete
Good job FLAMESTR. I'm not convinced they're ready to be a playoff team just yet. This team will only go as far as defense and goal tending can carry them and they are not near as skilled on the back line as they are up front.
December 4, 2007 2:39 AM ET | Delete
Nice Flamestr. (If the current pace continues, you'll be able to mark at least four of the Central as playoff bound.)
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