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Out of all the athletes, I am very happy my son likes hockey players. You may ask “Why?” which is really a legit question. Why does my son like those hockey players? Let me tell you a secret. It is really not so complicated. It’s because of his experiences with hockey players.

My son has met plenty of players, each with their own personal story. I have met many players who have been very polite and courteous. Most even had conversations with us. They really take time for the fans. They enjoy what they do, and it shows.


Vincent Lecavalier

My son just loves Vinny. He is a superstar, but more importantly, he is a superstar for the way he is off the ice. One of the classiest players you want to meet, a gentlemen and a scholar. When he met my son, Doug was the only one who got his signature. Vinny was told just one before he got on the bus.

Evgeni Nabokov

Terrific goalie when he met Douglas and signed his card. I really feel that Nabokov is one of the best in the game. I love his glove hand and he is one of the best to hold the rebounds down. He was very good at meeting with Douglas and talking to him. He is first class all the way. He went out of his way to make my son’s day. Thanks so much, Evegni.

Jody Shelley

I know it may seem quite odd to have him in my son’s All-star team, but there is a reason. I met with his father at the Flames practice, and he explained to me what it was like for him to make it to the NHL. When he was going up in the community leagues, Jody was not an enforcer. He was not a rough player at all. He has had to adjust his role to make it to the NHL. Jody has realized that every player has his role. I asked him if Jody has always wanted to be in the NHL. Jody’s dad response was he has wanted to be in the NHL since grade 2 when he wrote it in his journal. My son needs to hear that he can accomplish anything as long as he believes.

Jeremy Roenick

I had a great talk with JR. He is so fun to listen to. He loves the games and the fans. JR realizes without the fans, the NHL is going nowhere. I hope that Douglas remembers his friends and family like JR has. JR was terrific when we got to meet him.

Henrik Zetterberg

This guy can do things with a puck that most of the people in the world can only dream of. He has a great shot and great passing ability. My son thinks the world of him. Why? Because he simply took time to come over and signed Douglas’ hockey card for him. He could score no goals, and still be remembered in my son’s heart, just simply because he took time to sign his hockey card.

Eric Nystrom

Besides the fact that Eric is a Calgary Flame, he is a classy hockey player and a classy person on and off the ice. We have known Eric since his first year of being pro, going to all the prospects camps. Each year the camp was going on, if Eric saw Douglas, he would go up to him and ask him on how he was doing? It’s a small gesture for sure, but Douglas has always remembered that and considers Nyrstrom a very strong influence in his life. Eric may only have 5 goals, but he is the best defensive forward on the Flames and has 3 game winning goals out of his 5 goals scored.

I could go on and on, but I cannot because of the length. These players have been a very positive influence on my son’s life, so yes I am very proud to have these players as heroes in my son’s life. I will be back with my observations log as usual next week.

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thats awsome.. im a devils fan i can only dream of one day meeting a player.. i would love to meet any player in the nhl... the closest i came was in 2003 when ken danyko went to the boardwalk amusement park at the jersey shore an i saw him with the cup.. to many peopl to be able to meet him .. but i still dreeam one day i meet nhl players.. u are an ur son are soooooo lucky
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Great Blog!!! i agree, hockey players seem to be the most down to earth athletes, simply because even though many are getting paid top dollar, those players are few and far between and they aren't given huge heads like other sports(note football, basketball and baseball) i remember being young and asking for some rangers for their autographs when i was a little tyke and them being like why would you want my autograph i just play hockey.. its nice to know many players are quite humble
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Great Blog FLAMESTR! Love the stories and reasons. It must be very special to see your son grow to love the same sport you do. I can only imagine the pride you feel. Keep it up brother!
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Great blog Flamestr. It is great that so many players recognize the fans and take the time to meet and/or autograph. I havent met a player yet but hopefully in the future I will. Its great because in many other sports athletes hold themselves above the fans but in hockey you can meet them after the game if you stick around and know where to go.
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Flamestr, as always a good one!!! I always enjoy your blogs! My oldest is in his second year and my youngest wants to play Timbits next. My oldest is a huge Iggy fan and got to skate with him which was the thrill of a lifetime. Iggy is a true ambassador of the game and honestly hope he retires a Flame! He also likes Sid the Kid but we don't talk about that much (lol)...
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