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Chicago Blackhawks

In Chicago we now a better understanding on how Dale Tallon lost his job. He probably should forced Marion Hossa saga taking a physical before he signed the dotted line do you think?

Let me ask you this question did Hossa know that he had a injury when he signed on that dotted line. Did he take the Hawks for a ride or better yet does he have a morally duty to tell the hawks before he signed if he knew at all that is?

What I mean is should the player have some obligation or responsibility maybe not legally but morally. Now in this case maybe Marian was not aware I am not to judge. But it still begs the question do the players have obligation to come clean if they do know?

What I am suggesting is the players do have the obligation to come clean if injuries happen. Again I am not accusing Hossa at all

Yes it was not smartes thin for the Hawks to do not doing the physical before signing Hossa.. No physical before a signing is like buying a car before checking it out. You get what you get so lets hope the Hawks have learned there lesson.

New York Islanders

In Long Island the Isles have theree goalies Ricky, Marty and Rolie. I know that Ricky is not close to be healthy but what happens if he does. So who gets the job if all three goalies get healthy during the season?

The answer is a no brainer easy Ricky, so why have three goalies then? Can I tell you a secret this tells me the simply that the Isles are not expecting Ricky to play this season.

So the signing Biron to a one year contract giving Ricky the time to heal and the Isles have a solid goalie for the season. It is a terrific move by Snow covering all his bases. Let me say this about Snow once again I love the job he is doing.

Edmonton Oilers

In Edmonton there is still hearing the need to bring another top 6 forward? I say the Oil is just going be just fine, all they need to do is listen to there awesome coaching staff. The Oil have a solid defense , and a goalie, why do they need another forward. If they do go threw the trade route they have plenty of assets to get a big name.

Ottawa Senators

Would it not be funny to Heater end up staying a Sen? Because right now they Senators are either not trying hard enough, or there asking to much. I think there asking to much why hang on to someone who does not want to be there.

So Danny has to figure out how bad he really wants out. Maybe ease up on the list of team eh? He might be shooting himself in the foot. Maybe Danny you should of taken that offer to Edmonton. I know I would the city of Edmonton is just fine in my book.

In reality the Senators are going to have to take a lot less for Heater or be stuck with him. Which in my opinion is to bad because its not there fault in the first place. The only one who does not suffer is the one who causes the problem in the first place. I just wonder though how the Sens fans will react to Heater if he remains a senator in the fall?
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The angry fans will Boo Heater's hass every time he touches the ice. The smart ones will cheer him on. A first line of Spezza, Heatly, Kovalev is pretty amazing. Follow that up with Fisher, Alfredson, ?Foligno? and you've got a very capable top 6. I for one hope he stays-- just to see if Ottawa will find a way to screw up when there are no room for excuses.
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Flamstr no news on the flames I'm shocked and offended...JK. good blog but next time let the wife spell check it. It's to bad I moved out of cow town this year, I missed chattn with you at the prospect camp and well be missing main camp this year to. Hope you and your son are excited about the up-coming season. cheers
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Hossa knew about his injury when he was playing against the Blackhawks in the conference finals, and Tallon says he knew about it when he signed Hossa. For the Islanders, having two number one goaltenders and a solid number three (DiPietro) means trade bait. I've gotta believe Garth Snow will dangle Biron or Rolston at the deadline looking for veteran leadership to go with his young core (like Pittsburgh did last year getting Bill Guerin from the Islanders).
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Heatley's problem is that the teams that have cap room to deal for him either don't have the players to please the Senators or Heatley isn't interested. The teams that have the players to make a deal either don't want to or don't have the cap room.
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