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I was trying to figure out what to write my next blog when my brother gave a talk on blessed be the Peace makers, when that gave me a idea on my nex t blog. So today blog is on


The Linesman have to brake up break up biggest fighters. People like Derek Boogaard vs Brad May or how about Andrew Peters Vs Brian McGrattan, how would like to break up one of those tilts. What is the function of the linesman I think the main process of a Linesman is yup peace maker. Then that there is main goal is to maintain law and order. They are the best example of being a peace maker that I know.

Now we have discussed the linesman as peace maker running around trying refs mistakes breaking up fights. Now you can bet every team has a Peace Maker. These are the players that the teams can't live without . They are the players who break up squabbles among themselves and keeping the peace. The one on Calgary, is Stephane Yelle well at least in my opinion, he just seems to always talking and helping his team mates he just seems to one of the players keep the peace and stopping the small battles before they become bigger ones what would be without the Peace Maker.

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