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-Bourque skated very well played with iggy and olli

- Roy Skated this morning also skated with Nystrom and Lundmark

- Boyd back up with Peters and Sutter

- Warrener taking regular shift looks very fresh I think he is ready to go

- Worked on the power play for 30 minuets with top players Moss was on the pp with Bertuzzi and Lanks.

-Spifically power play time no doubt, Worked very hard on the Passing !. Slaps from the point keeping them down to be deflected.

- Bertuzzi had a great practice he and Cammy were very crisp together.

- Yes sorry Olli and Iggy and Cammy were not together in the line combo's

- Iggy Olli and Bourque were very good look crisp

- Bourque looked very good smooth skating if I was a betting man I would say he plays on Thursday.

- Glencross was at practice saw him on the bench.

- Dion looks rough they say he is ready but he is playing threw it was very ginger like out there.

_ Regher and Sarich and Glencross did not skate.

- Boyd Sutter, Peters all there today and I think the third goalie was Keetly not sure but I think it was.

- Keetly made the best save of the practice robbing Lanks with a sprawling glove hand coming from one corner to the other.

- Still worried about the crisp passing there some week passes out there on the coming out of zone practice.

- Did a skating drill at the end of the practice.
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April 13, 2009 5:52 PM ET | Delete
I beleive it was Irving that was called up. Great to hear about Bourque and Warrener. Thought Warrener looked good in pre-season and will help on the D for sure in a playoff style game with Regehr and Sarich out.
April 15, 2009 7:57 AM ET | Delete
yeah its Irving, i was in calgary for the final game of the season, and watched them practice the thursday before the game, Warrener looked very good, hope he joins us soon, Bourque and Glencross will both play thursday.
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