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Do you remember when hockey was fun to watch? You know, when we walked miles to to get to school; when there were no cars; you know, the dinosaur era when I was a young lad. The only difference, between the old NHL and the New NHL is that the NHL thinks they have put one over on us by saying we are in the new NHL era.

Every team has a designated thug or defensive forward, to to stop the all-stars, The sad thing is that every team needs its thugs and the fans love them more than the stars. These thugs (oh please, you really want to call them athletes?) true mission in life is to change the momentum of a hockey game at any price. Okay, I am getting a little melodramatic here, but you get my point.

I am just saying the new NHL is not that different from the old NHL; yet the league spends so much time telling us how it is the new NHL.

A little while ago I asked some fans What is one thing wrong with the NHL today? Well, I got a wide range of answers, but it hit me - do adults know everything? Well I decided to ahead and ask some experts. Who are the experts, you ask? I am tired of listening to adults trying to tell me what is going on. Like adults know anything? So if you can not ask adults, who did I ask? Let me put this way - go ahead ask any father and mother who is really in charge of a household? Who do you think they will tell you is in charge? Now you are getting it. I went to the kids, the real experts in the world. So I went to a class my son was taking to get the real scoop. What is really wrong with the NHL today?

The NHL really has a problem. Do they really understand the fans? Well, here some kids who are ready to tell the NHL they have no clue.

So I interviewed some of my sons friends - and of course my son (who would never let me do the interviews without his say). So I am only going to mention each boys' name and his age.

Daniel 10

The Refs have to be more consistent, the refs have to call more penalties.


Too many times, players do not know when there is a penalty; therefore they have no idea when a penalty is called. It's no wonder the players are so confused, because so are the refs. A very good comment.

Hayden 8

Not enough offense in the game to make it exciting. The NHL needs to make it more appealing for the fans. The League is not doing enough for its fans.


The NHL has been trying to address the problem of lack of offense since the lock-out. Supposedly, the new NHL has it fixed. Yeah, right (in case you did not figure it out, I was being facetious). Great job, Hayden.

Douglas 10 (more brains than his dad)

Way too much violence in the NHL. Too many sticks incidents, causing terrible injuries to players.


It comes down to players not having respect for each other. The NHL union has to tell its players to respect each other more. These stupid violent incidents have to change. Good job, Douglas.

Colton 11

Too many fighting majors in the NHL, just too many fights. Colton also feels there is just too much violence in the NHL.


Again, this is an excellent observation. Almost every NHL team has a thug, or should I say enforcer. Why? Simply to protect their star players at any cost. Great job, Colton. Violence in the League is an ongoing problem. The NHL continues to do nothing to slow the incidents down.


I would like to thank the kids. They are a bunch of wonderful kids. I could have interviewed quite a few more. So plan on hearing from some more. Great job and thanks.

I will be doing a series of blogs on the state of the NHL. What is one thing that you find wrong with the NHL? Let's see what the fans feel is wrong with the NHL. I did a similar series a while ago. Have you changed your mind? Has the NHL changed? So far, it is the same old problems. Want your say? If you do, you can contact me at [email][email protected][/email]

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June 5, 2008 12:45 PM ET | Delete
sorry flamestr although very good points, nothing will be done until the ole boys club is removed from the NHL heirachy. Violence = too many stick fouls but beyond that...the equipment is better and hurts more. These problems were in the NHL before the lock out...so the other thing we got out of it was a THE CAP
June 5, 2008 1:59 PM ET | Delete
Nice job Flamestr. The kids are the ones who will continue the traditions of this great sport. Those are the people the NHL should put it's focus on.
June 5, 2008 10:06 PM ET | Delete
great spin on things Flame, I think that the problem with the NHL is that there are two sides to every issue, nobody is on the same page. BTW great effort in getting this blog done and an entertaining read.
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