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Bork Bork 6 Sens 3

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The Calgary Flames played one of the most dominating third periods of the season as they out shot the Sens 20-9 in the third period The Sens started the game with a 2-0 with goals by Philliips and Spezza.

Then Mr. Bourque took over this game by scoring 2 goals in a little over 60 seconds. Then Roy scores another a minute later as the Sens play as bad as they can to allow the Flames to come from behind as they lead 3-2.

The third period was a show of true beauty as the Flame dominated the third, blasting pucks from everywhere. The most impressive point for the Flames was after the power play goal by the Sens when the Flames took the game away from the Sens. They basically skated, hit, smacked, and scored all over the Sens' faces. Well, not literally, only figuratively, because literally would actually hurt.

The Flames' defensive zone coverage was not as good , but the forwards are continuing to come back to help the defense. As long as the forwards continue to learn that defense is a team game, and that it takes effort to win games, the Flames can be a contender in this conference.

Hockey is not a complicated game. If you believe what the coach is feeding you, then you will be successful. I have been preaching this all season. Cover your own end; the offense will take care of itself. One more plus about the Flames' success is secondary scoring. Iggy has had plenty of support in scoring this season.

The biggest concern continues to be the power play. It is really my only concern with the Flames' game right now. But in all honesty, the Flames are one of the best teams 5 on 5 right now. Simply because they are one of the hardest working teams in the League. Sometimes people make this game too complicated. The Flames have gotten points in 7 straight games; they must be doing something right.
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December 28, 2008 2:38 PM ET | Delete
I felt the Flames "dominance" was due more to Ottawa's complete sloppiness and laziness. They looked so out of sync and so...unwilling to compete...that they just let the Flames walk over them. (And Spezza's dozen turnovers didn't help). I didn't feel the Flames played that good of a game...they were pretty sloppy themselves. Iggy was invisible. But definitely liked what I saw from Pardy and Bourque. It's so nice to have players not on the top line scoring on a regular basis. So when Iggy IS invisible, we can still win some games...
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