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Hey guys sorry for the report never got home until now after the practice. The players were not in a good mood this morning as Keenan did a bunch of drills. The most interesting one was helping the defense pass the puck out, of the zone and the forwards coming back to help. Doing one on one skating drills, having the players skate after the puck and shoot (with the empathize on skating). There was some hitting today Pardy was out there hitting he looked real nasty without playing for quite a bit. Worked on the passing doing 2 on 1 drill Olli was very good had no idea he had the hard slap shot. Worked on puck in the zone coverage in the defensive zone. Working on where the defense is suppose to be. Glencross was really owly today, he was very cross with himself for missing the net (pardon the pun). They did a scrimage it started out with 5 on 5 and ended 3 on 3 Warrener and Iggy scored twice for the red, Cammy scored a nice goal for the white.

The lines were

Iggy Olli Glencross

Cammy Langkow Lundhime

Moss Connie Boyd (my personal favorite)

Peter Nystrom Roy

Leopold Dion

Regher Aucoin

vandy sarich

Warrener Pardy

I think it was still the same combo's. Son met Olli and Leopold for the first time Jordon was very good this afternoon he was skating very well. Leopold I think was the best Dman out there he was skating verywell.

The bag skate lasted 20 minutes Glencross says he has had a lot worse, Moss said it was a good work out. Kipper was pretty good spirits came out and said hi. They did the press interviews right in front of us they allowed us to stick around. The session lasted about 1:15 minutes. They really worked them hard, the bag skate looked brutal but the players told me it was not that bad. Nystrom was really tight today looked nervous the whole practice, really worked hard even after the bag skate went up on the second leval and ran for another hour. That was about it just ask about any of the players will try to let you know how I feel on how the player played.
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March 17, 2009 1:03 AM ET | Delete
you guys have to fix the edit and delete Lundmark was on the second line
March 17, 2009 10:53 AM ET | Delete
Good Update Flames!
March 17, 2009 5:10 PM ET | Delete
Rumor has it Curtis Mac will start tomorrow. What does everyone think? I believe that if Dallas wins in Reg tonight then go for it otherwise we need the two points tomorrow night.
March 17, 2009 5:40 PM ET | Delete
Heard the same thing Iron Mike won't comment still trying to figure it out
March 19, 2009 9:21 AM ET | Delete
Looked like the stairs gave Nystrom an extra step last night.
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