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Let me start out like this; I am telling you about this camp through my eyes. It is really hard to judge a rookie by a first day in camp. I can only tell you what I see. This is not a make-or-break statement about said rookies. Now, that being said, let's discuss the observations of camp day 2.

Group A


Brad Cole

To steal the phrase from Mr. Mcguire: Mr. Brad Cole was nothing short of a Monster. Brad excelled at everything that was asked of him. I am impressed with Brad’s skating ability. He was terrific at skating backwards during the drills of the Defensemen in the defensive end. For a lack of a better word, he was very good at fetching and delivering the puck out of the zone. I love his ability and agility for being a big defenseman. This was a great day for Brad.

Gord Balwin

Gord was excellent this morning. He is a big bruising defensemen who I feel has a long career ahead of him. Gord was terrific at puck control today. He held onto the puck and did an excellent job at stick handling. He has really improved his skating drills since last season. He was just terrific this morning. I am very happy with the improvement and development of Gord Baldwin.


Hugo Carpentier

I love Hugo’s skating ability this morning; he skated like the wind. His passing was very good; he seemed very comfortable with the puck. He has a terrific shot; what makes it even more dangerous is the quickness of his release. I can picture him being a major role in Quad Cities.

Mitch Wahl

Man, I had no idea this kid was so talented. Mitch is an all around terrific player. Wahl is a great skater. Not only is he fast, but he seems to do it with ease. His puck handling skills are great. He does not look nervous with the puck and he thinks well. What is really exciting is that I see this kid getting better and better. I love this kid. I can see him being a huge prospect in the Flames camp.

Greg Nimisz

Greg is a good skater. He will improve on his skating through the years. His puck handling skills are enormous; he is very good with the puck. He has a quick release and a hard shot. Overall, he is an excellent prospect I am really excited about his future.

Kevin Lalande

Lalande was huge this morning. He has really developed into a great goalie. His agility was as good as yesterday. He has made it very interesting for the prospects in the Flames camp.

Group B


Alexander Dielert

I can see some people's eyebrows lifted with Dielert's name mentioned, but I feel he is a diamond in the rough. He was very good at handling the puck and getting it out of the zone. Dielert is a great passer. He has good vision and thinks ahead before he passes it. He needs to mature and beef up, but mark my words; he will be a force and you will hear his name.

Ryan Wilson

The Recent FA assignee was very good today. He can take Ramholt's position as the offensive defensemen. I can see him being a powerplay quarterback down in the farm. He has some great offensive ability. He is a very fast skater, and even more importantly, he has some smarts.


Kyle Greentree

Greentree's maturity level really showed today. He seemed to be a leader out there. First of all, Kyle has a great shot. He has good hands and seems to be very good at handling a bouncing puck. He has better than average speed, and will improve throughout the camp. I can see him starting out as a third liner, but he could blossom into a second liner. I think we got a steal in acquiring him from Philly

Mikael Backlund

Please - this kid is like a man among boys! Backlund is simply put the best prospect in the camp. He is scary good with the puck. He does things with the puck that could be considered larceny in most provinces. He excels at everything. If you ask me, they may have a hard time not keeping him in the line-up. How can you not consider him? He has done everything well.

Daniel Ryder

I am so happy the Flames are giving this kid a chance this season. Daniel showed today why patience is a virtue. He was quick and graceful in his skating. He is a pure skater, a delight to watch. His shot is quick and hard, though it may need some improvement on accuracy. He has outstanding puck skills and is a terrific playmaker. He will be a great addition to the farm team.

Jim Spratt

Jim made the save of the practice today, doing a splits and making a great glove hand save. Spratt had his best day at camp so far. He is a great guy with a wonderful personality. He is a very personable kid.
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July 23, 2008 12:54 AM ET | Delete
Nimisz nice to see that this kid has potential. Thanks for the report good work.
July 23, 2008 1:28 AM ET | Delete
good job as always flamestr where do you think backlund will fit in the lineup
July 23, 2008 10:03 AM ET | Delete
Backlund may very well be put with lombo and Cammy but he may also go back to sweden
July 23, 2008 11:47 AM ET | Delete
Sutter said Backlund would be at an exceptional level playing with junior or 2nd teir guys, if he does the same thing suring pro camp than it would really be something! From what I've heard he is leaving after the prospect camp, playing in lake placid and plans to play in sweden this year, having said that if the flames asked you know he'd stay.Interesting tidbit is boyd showed up 10 lbs heavier this year which will be huge for his style which is a go to the net, fish for the puck style. I think Backlund will not be here this year but I am just as excited as you for his development!! Ryder to me is also an all around center, huge on face offs, terrific hockey sense and passing to go with it!! He can score at the ahl level for sure as well. Isn't it nice to have prospects to be excited about??!! Wahl is a huge pick up and I think you're dead on there, he will be a very very good playmaker and he can play wing as well. Thanks for the update Flamestr!
July 23, 2008 12:10 PM ET | Delete
Thanks very very much for the updates!!!I hope one of the youngin's surprise in the official club camp and force the brass into some tough decisions for line up shuffles !
July 23, 2008 4:26 PM ET | Delete
Ryan Wilson was also voted as one of the OHLs hardest hitters by coaches this past season. I can see him being a good 4-6 guy to have around, just not yet as his skating needs to improve to the point where he can play in the NHL. I think he was a great pick up though and you guys will be pleased.
July 23, 2008 6:58 PM ET | Delete
I find myself in a strange position; actually being excited about the future of this team. Nice job Flamestr, and I will give Darryl his kudos as well. (Not that he gives a rats)
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