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First of all, I am going to try to have a small write up on every prospect except Boyd; he is not really a prospect. I want to apologize for some criticisms, I am just commenting on how they played, not on the person.



75 John Armstrong

John continues to shine he is beginning to show why we drafted him. John had some very nice shots which show a lot of promise. I love his speed he was very good today. His passes were precise and hard to the target.

74 Hugo Carpentier

Hugo was again very good today he is really molding into a solid prospect. He is getting stronger, I like his strength he is becoming like a Kenny linesmen only with more scoring.

62 Kris Chucko

Chucko had his best day today, finally started skating and shooting. Today he did not fight the puck once. Chucko was really hustling out there showed a lot of grit. He was using his body, the drill they were doing with two forwards on one defensemen, Chucko was a monster in that drill.

73 Ryley Grantham

Riley was alright today, still right in the middle needs to standout a little more. Ryley needs to get a little tougher and play tougher.

58 Nick Larson

Nick has improved with each day. Nick has played very well and showed some real offensive punch. He has a quick shot, and very accurate. Larson has great hands which in able him to accept passes and shoot quickly. Nick is a great looking prospect; he is fast and very tricky in the offensive zone.

48 Greg Nemisz

Greg had a great day nice come back from yesterday. Greg was making some very nice shots, and nice soft passes. Was working very hard on the 2-1 drill, made some very good passes missed a couple of shots but his heart was there.

72 C.J. Severyn

It was like C.J. read my comments he went out and stood out today, He was very good making some very good shots, and he is a very fast skater. I can see a lot of Eric Nystom in him. C.J. has three years of college left being at Ohio State University.

52 Mitch Wahl

What more can I say about Mitch that I haven't said already? He has done everything that has been asked of him and more. Mitch is a excellent forward, who has all the tools and continues to make me smile.


67 Gord Baldwin

Baldwin, was very good again, his skating is excellent. Gord did one thing today and that was using his body, which makes him the most physical defensemen today. He was terrific today like he has been threw the whole camp.

66 T. J. Brodie

Brodie is probably the best skating defensemen today. He was great in the drills, the only thing he needs to do is get more physical in his play.

49 Brad Cole

Brad was nothing short of awesome this afternoon. Brad is very calm on his feet never seems to get rattled out there It’s between him and Baldwin in the battle of the best defensemen. My son Douglas says he rocks.

61 John Negrin

John was pretty solid but needs to build up, got taken off the puck to easily. I can see a lot of potential will be a good one. Right now I see John progression a little behind Cole and Baldwin.. This is not meant as an insult to John just an honest opinion.


36 Matt Keetley

Matt again was terrific he is the steady eddie as they say. Do they say that? Well at any rate he is great young goalie. I think he has the best glove hand out of the four.

38 Kevin Lalonde

Kevin was consistent made some great saves. There is one thing about Kevin he will not sway to low he is consistently making the first save



60 Mikael Backlund

Backlund was a stud and a monster today Mikael had some terrific shots and he hits the corner like no other. He will miss the net at times, being too careful but he is in a league all by himself.

57 Lance Bouma

Lance has fallen a little back in the group. He is a good skater, has an average shot, will be a long project but he can still make it.

51. Chris Bruton

Chris continues to be smarter he is beginning to learn to use his tools. His speed is very fast, he has nice soft hands. I like this kid he has been the second biggest surprise to me.

76 Jordon Fulton

Jordon has some good quick hands and has a quick release. His main problem is I see he needs to get stronger and build up. Once Jordon gets stronger I think he can be a horse.

47 Kyle Greentree

Kyle out side of Backlund, he has been the player of the camp. Kyle could be the steel of the off season, He has a terrific shot and accurate, sometimes it not how hard the shot is as it is to the position of the shot.

77 Marvin Aaron

Marvin was average this morning, showed some good things. He has good size is very strong on the puck and could become a future power forward. Just not right now he is a few years away.

43 Daniel Ryder

Daniel was a dynamo today. Daniel was playing on all cylinders. I love his speed and agility; he made some great passes, and made some very good plays. I think he is the real deal will be a force in Quad City.

Brett Sutter

Brett maybe the fastest skater out there today, He never stops hustling he never quits. Sutter has a great shot and he was terrific today.

J. D. Watt

J.D. showed his muscle today will be an excellent power forward he has the size for it. Jd had his best day in camp making some very impressive shots.


54 Keith Aulie

Aulie was alright today continues to improve. Needs some help on his skating, maybe going to a skating school in the summer might help. Keith must try to build up get stronger on his feet.

80 Alexander Dielert

Alexander continues to impress me with his skill. I think the Flames got a steal in the late rounds for this prospect. He has great puck control skills; he was outstanding today carrying the puck. Alexander will be a good offensive defensemen maybe even a future power play quarter back.

Matt Pelech

Matt was a monster today; he has really picked up on his skating. I think Matt can get better and stronger. He has improved each day in the camp I would consider him a future top 4 defensemen.

78 Ryan Wilson

Ryan had a pretty good day he has some good tools. He is above average puck control skills, has good vision on the ice. Ryan is a great passer, and I still like his skating he is a solid prospect.

35 Leland Irving

Lealand continues to be a great goalie with great reflexes. He continues to control the rebounds, only giving the shooter one shot.

79 James Spratt

Spratt contuse to show remarkable skill. James lateral movement is the quickest among the goalies. He continues to amaze me with his ability to react to the play.
July 24, 2008 10:28 PM ET | Delete
Hearing what you have to say about Backlund and Dan Ryder is really exciting. I'm hoping Ryder can rebound in the AHL this season, and look to make the jump to the big club next season.
July 24, 2008 10:44 PM ET | Delete
man do I hope that Backlund makes this team. We need some european flash
July 25, 2008 1:48 AM ET | Delete
Another great camp report thanks!!!
July 25, 2008 11:30 AM ET | Delete
why aren't you our blogger...your 10X better than vetter
July 25, 2008 11:40 AM ET | Delete
Obviously these are prospects right now but I think two years down the line when Boyd, Ryder and Backlund willbe filling out the flames top two lines we'll be pleasantly surprised! I'm disappointed with Chucko, he has great conditioning and no skill, kind of reminds me of Fata.
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