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The Habs may very well be the most improved team this season. They are the best passing team in the NHL. Their forwards are among the most talented in the League. They have the speed to match their skill in the offensive zone. Their power play is simply awesome, one of the best teams in the League. The Habs have the defense who will and have pitched in for the offense.

The Habs will be a great team for many years to come for one main reason; because they have bought into their Coaches' system. They play with heart and soul and believe in their coaches. Montreal has the talent to match any team in the League; they just have to execute.


Alex leads the team in points this season: 54 and lead with 25 goals. Kovy is playing with vigor and he is having fun and is playing like a kid this season. He is doing everything he is asked and more. He is a powerplay specialist with 14 pp goals. Kovy can do everything. I have seen him hang onto the puck for what seems to be hours until he finds the perfect pass or takes the perfect shot. The major change is in his attitude. He is playing as a team player instead of an I player.


Thomas is a terrific player. He has all the tools to be a Superstar for many years to come. He is second on the team, with 52 points, and also with a 7 powerplay goals on the team. Thomas has great vision, but I had no idea of the speed of this kid. He is fun to watch, and more importantly, he is young and will be a star player when he hits his prime. He is a very smart player. He will continue to be so under Kovalev's tutelage for many years to come. Thomas is a terrificly skilled offensive player, that I am really excited about.


Mark has a terrific shot and has pretty much become the powerplay quarterback. Mark has 6 power play goals out of 9 and is a terrific powerplay specialist. I could have picked other players, but I think that Mark is vital to the success of the powerplay.


Where the heck would this team be without Huet? Huet has a goals against of 2.48, but more impressive is his 920 save percentage. Game after game, Huet keeps this team in. I have seen them get outshot, yet still be ahead. Huet makes their defense better than they are. You can’t win a cup without a goaltender, and the Habs have one in Huet.


Simply put, the Canadians are contenders. Their forwards are simply too talented. Their speed is among the fastest in the League. Their powerplay, if not the best in the League, is darn close. They will be contenders all season; they are probably one of the best-coached teams in the League.


Bob has to match the offer to the trade the Sens made today. He won’t rush into it, simply because he never rushes, but rest assured there will be a deal made by the Habs. If you are asking me, who are you kidding? Who ever know who is coming to Montreal?


the fan who leaves early and proud of it

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February 12, 2008 3:51 PM ET | Delete
I really do not want Gainey to match, this is not Habs Year next year is on our centenial and pick up some size in a UFA. You all forgot our defense in Komisarek and Markov and Hamrlik, who helps out big time
February 13, 2008 6:51 AM ET | Delete
Good post Flames! Kovalev is a born again player. This team goes as he goes. I wonder if someone didn't send him a copy of Eric Engels motivational blog from earlier in the season. I would bet he read it, because he started early and hasn't fallen back as he usually does. Thanx for this.
February 13, 2008 4:35 PM ET | Delete
good blog flamestrr. we are missing hamarlik bad right now and we have to find koivu a winger. this truly will be a contender. however hopefully we will get in and make a little noise. any playoff exsperience will do wonders for this bunch going forward.
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