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I wrote this blog a long time ago thought we could some positive vibes. I know I posted this blog before but I thought it would be nice to remember what really important in life.

Have you ever noticed that when a hockey player goes crazy or makes a mistake it is on the tube for weeks? Every television station covers it, even the ones who don’t cover hockey ever. What really angers me are the supposed experts who come on and tell me how violent hockey is.

Why is it that people can not remember the good things about people? I am tired that the negative gets all the ink. Just once, I want to see the good things get talked about for days. I guarantee that a dirty play gets the ink every single time. What is really maddening is that there are so few instances of violence, yet when I ask the non-hockey fans what they remember, what do you think it is? That’s right: the fight or high stick incidents. Well, this blog is on the positive side of hockey.

The other day, my son turned the TV on one of the Center Ice channels. The program showed a variety of great goals. He was screaming like crazy, describing the plays that scored the goals. Why are we not like kids, remembering the goals and the players? When I ask my son what he remembers about hockey, you know what he tells me? He remembers who scored the goal and who made the save. He remembers watching a good game. He really does not care about anything else except how much fun it was to watch the game.

I enjoy the game of hockey. I enjoy watching a beautiful pass clear the zone. I love watching a forward break away to score the winning goal. I love the save made by a goalie. I love watching an overtime game, sitting on the edge of my seat - end-to-end action. I love watching the end-to-end rush. There is nothing like an unbelievable goal or a great save.

I enjoy watching the game within the game. The strategy: Can they get the defensive specialist to cover the super star? I enjoy watching the corner battles. I love watching a war in the trenches. I love watching a nice clean hit, and having both players walk away from it. I love watching a good clean game, with the winner determined by the ability of the athletes. I just love the sport of hockey; leave the other crap somewhere else.

You know what I love the most about hockey? I love what it does to my son as I watch his smile throughout the game. I love what hockey does to me as I put a smile on my face. It’s really too bad that people spend so much more time on the negative side of hockey than the positive side. It’s kind of hard selling a game when no-one is listening.
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May 17, 2008 10:40 PM ET | Delete
Flamestr, I agree with you and I think most people here would. We all miss the days where we actually cared about the sport itself, unfortunately somewhere along the way, the business side of things took over.We can blame the media all we want, but face it the media plays this crap because society eats it all up.It really bothers me that 90% of the blogs on this site right now pertain to changes that need to be made or that will be made, we seem to forget that the true importance of this sport, the reason we talk about changes and improvements, the fight for the Cup is still going on.
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I completely agree. The first thing that comes to a non-hockey fans mind when your talking about hockey"hey remember a few years ago when that guy sucker punched that other guy from behind?" There not like"oh i seen on the news that Philadelphia won a game 7 in OT" or" I heard somewhere that some russian guy scored a goal on his back. Hockey is hockey, and people go crazy sometimes just like any other sports. But the truth is, there are very few chris simons in the league.
May 18, 2008 12:03 PM ET | Delete
Hockey has all the matchups of baseball and football, only they are completed on the fly. Hockey has all the set plays of football and basketball, only they are done at higher speed. Hockey is the ultimate team sport since you must move without simply running. And finally hockey is the only sport where the last minute of the game gets more exciting and faster!
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