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I wish I could tell you what a real fan is and what it means to be a fan to your team. I mean, I know what it is like to pull for a team or root for them. But as a fan, you certainly have the right to boo a team. But how far are you aloud to go? I mean, I have seriously heard people insult the player’s intelligence and his upbringing. I am just as bad as the others. I am up there yelling moron’s, idiots, and every other name in the book. But really, is that a fan? A true fan? I tell you nay.

As fans, we have the right to boo the players. But I draw the line at calling them names, insulting their character and smarts. As a fan, we all have the right to boo, but I really think there should be a limit to what we call people. As a blogger, I have learned the game more and more, but I also learned a very important word that I have never learned before, and that is respect. The players are people too, so I do say as fans we should give them respect.

So next time we call our players out, let's try to not get personal. As fans, we are allowed to boo, I do that often, but I for one am going to try to get better about attacking the players. Because are we really fans when use language to dismantle our players? Do you really think a definition of fan includes hate and dismantling of one’s character? Seriously, let us be civil and be one as fans, pulling for our hero's.

Player of the week

Martin Brodeur comes back to collect a shutout, not missing a beat. Marty has been one of the best in the league and just showed us why he is a super star of the league. He has to have the best glove hand in the league.

Issue of the Week

I have not heard anything but how bad of a manager the Islanders have, but let me tell you, I am here to say that I think Garth is a terrific manager. Why? Because he is going about building a team the right way. He is getting as many draft picks as he can. Often, trying to do the quick fix by signing free agents can backfire. Picking up the odd veteran with the youth is the often way to go, so lay off Mr. Snow. I think he is doing a great job.


What is a blog without one of my rants? Derek Boogaard and Brendan Witt get my vote of shame. Both players get 5 game suspensions for elbows of stupidity. When are random acts of violence against other players going to stop? The NHL has to continue to lay down the law against these players. Somehow the union has to get it together and have a discussion about this. It is not helping the game at all. The more publicity it gets, the worse it gets. I am not a fan of “any publicity is good publicity.” Do we want the fans to love violence in our game? Or maybe it’s to late already.
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can not edit the title will someone please fix this
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Who needs a better title when the blog was so good, i like the quick hit format here man!
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Good blog flamster - fair play to you for calling out Witt in particular, knocking Hagman out for the season when he was just finding his best form..As for the true fan - for me personally, a massive component of being one is loyalty: that's sticking with your team through thick and thin. There's something romantic, inspiring, and touching about winning when you've been through the losing years as well (see Red Sox nation).
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I figure you pay a portion of the teams salary, you can yell what ever you want.
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