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Blues Team on the Rise

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The next team on my 30 team tour is the St. Louis Blues. The Blues are a terrific team to watch, and they are well coached. I really feel that the Blues have one of the best coaches in the league in Andy Murray. Murray has system in place, and more important, the players have bought into it . The Blues have the talent, but what makes them more dangerous is their coaching system.

So what makes the Blues tick? What makes this Blues team tick and make them a successful unit? I would like to list the players that I think that make the Blues tick.


You can’t really be surprised that I picked Brad. He is an offensively gifted forward who is a great skater with a terrific shot. I always believed that Brad had the tools and that it was only a matter of time before he put it together. He has great vision on the ice, he is always in the right position for his buddy Paul to pass to him. When he does get the pass from Paul, he knows what to do with it. Brad is on pace for 50 goals this season and might get it with new-found friend Andy Macdonald. Brad has a surprisingly quick release on his shot, which makes him dangerous.


When they signed Paul for 6 million a year, I thought it was a huge mistake. Boy, was I wrong. Paul has proven worth every cent. He has been a great asset to Boyes for being able to feed him the puck. Paul is one of the best pure passers in a game, and can pin point a puck anywhere he wants it go. He is also one of the fastest skaters in the league, his speed often makes up for his mistakes. He can skate like the wind. A terrific player, with tons of offensive ability, he can win a game all by himself as a Blue.


I love this kid; he reminds me of the Energizer Bunny. David has ton of grit. He is a spark plug who hits hard, gives his team a major lift every time he is on ice. He has energy to burn, but I love his heart and his eagerness to go into the corners to get the puck. To me, he is going to be the ultimate power forward. Look for this kid to be a solid NHLer for many years to come.


If Brad Boyes is not the MVP, Manny Legace has played fabulous all season. Manny has been consistent all season, giving the Blues a chance to win every night. He has been able make the save to keep the team. Manny has great glove hand and has great reflexes. If he continues to play like he has all season, he will be the Blues MVP.


The most savvy trade of the season was picking up Andy Macdonald. He will help Boyes to be a better player this season, making him bona fide 50-goal scorer threat. It was a terrific move by the Blues, who had the Ducks over a barrel and did not even gain anything more on the cap.


The Blues have one of the best young players in the League with Brad Boyes, with one of the best play-makers in the league in Kariya and with Keith Tkachuk as a support in the offensive scoring. The defense of the Blues is solid, which I think could be as good as any in the League. I think the Blues will be a solid playoff contender, with a shot of having home ice in the first round.


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