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Welcome to bizarro world

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The Flames gave notice when they waived Kotalik that losing was no longer an option. But in a somewhat surprise move, they put Nigel Dawes on waivers. The Flames inform the media that his contract would be bought out if there was no claim. This move really confused me. Why waste someone with 14 goals? If he would have played full time, he would have scored 20 goals.

The Flames have been connected with all sorts of rumors, and these two moves had everyone talking and gossiping. People were throwing around Kovy's, Spezza's, and Carter's names, to mention just a few. The Flames obviously need the top six forward, as they had no offensive game last season. I hear it's hard to win without any goals. They are very disappointing in offensive goal production. I could go on with players' names, but I would be here all day. The main problem was in the secondary scoring of the third and fourth lines.

So you think that maybe Iggy needs some help? Hagmen, Stajan, and Lankow have to improve. Those three forwards are not the only ones. Jbo was awful last season. He was simply terrible. The other problem was that the Flames have no center to go with Iggy. Their failure to fix this problem was their downfall, and they never recovered.

Welcome to bizarro world as you try to figure out exactly what went down on Canada Day.

So Mr. Daryl Sutter decided to go retro by signing Alex Tanguay, though that wasn't the real surprise. The real surprise was bringing back center Olli Jokien. Exactly what was he thinking bringing the Joker back to Calgary? May I ask if Jordan Leopold comes back next? So tell me, is Mr. Sutter sentimental about the classics? Or does he really feel that the Joker can play in Calgary again? I really do not mind the Tanguay signing. Tanguay can actually work quite well with Olli and Iggy. But when you think about it, if Olli can return to his old form, the Flames might have gotten a steal. The Flames' final two signings were Raitis Ivanis for a 2 year deal at $1.2 million and Tim Jackman with a 2 year deal at $1.1 million. These two deals were simple depth moves for the fourth line.

What can be done to improve this team? Can we continue with the free-agent route? The problem is that to go that route, we will have to trade some bodies to make room for another free-agent. So who do we trade? Which of our players do we see as expendable? Let's be the General Manager.

The strength of this team is obviously in the back end and the only problem is that Regehr has a no movement clause, meaning he has to waive any trade involving him. JBO I really do not believe is an option. Even if he was one, he has a no trade clause. Even with their strengths, they have obstacles to overcome in order to trade their defense. The other option is trading their young talent, which I do not believe Daryl has any interest in doing They could always trade White, but I really think the Flames would rather keep him as a cornerstone of the defense.

They could trade Moss or Glenncross. I don't think the Flames would entertain trading Stajan after signing him a five-year contract. Hagman could be an option, but I really think that the Flames need his offensive punch in the top six forwards.

I really get the sense that Sutter is not done. I think there is another trade coming. The Flames will have some salary. I just don't know who goes and who stays. Why don't you give me your thoughts on what Sutter could be up to?

Until next time, take care.

July 4, 2010 1:16 PM ET | Delete
I think Langkow is buried on the IR, Kotalik is off the cap one way or another and after white is signed they try and move one d and one forward for prospects. I'm still figuring where backlund will fit in?
July 6, 2010 10:42 AM ET | Delete
Good to see you writing again buddy. Excellent!
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