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Dougstr speaks Part 2

Posted 8:22 PM ET | Comments 2
Today Blog is on Dougstr opinion on what Don Cherry Said
Dougstr before we get into the questions how do you feel about Don Cherry himself


Don Cherry
I like him a lot he usually funny with his clothes like in the Stanley Cup Playoffs I like his red wig and his dress robe with the Carolina Hurricanes on it.

Mike Emery
He is a real good goalie and he has to make those save so the team does not score on him.

Gary Roberts
I think he is really funny and loosens up the players, so they don't feel so grumpy so they can be happy and play better.

Calgary Flames ?
Yes I think they will play better to because there at home

Reeves hit
I don't like the hit because it hurts them when they hit in the face.


Thank you for the question Sys I hope this answers your question on the Don Chery coaches corner .Dougstr will try to do a blog on go goalie Questions with in the the next few days


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April 17, 2007 9:55 PM ET | Delete
Great answers, Dougstr. Here are some more questions for you.1) Who is your pick to win the Stanley Cup and why?2) What player has played the best so far in the playoffs? What goalie?Keep the answers coming, dude. It's great to hear a young fan's take on the game.
April 18, 2007 10:12 AM ET | Delete
Good answer, so you like Don for all the right reasons. Clowns at the circus can be entertaining too!
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